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Different Types of Virtual Assistant to Hire

The needs of the business are directly proportional to business growth. You have to come up with the market competition. So, hiring more staff can lead to more overhead expenses, more space. Hiring and training them can be time-consuming. So, the best plan is to outsource the tasks to virtual assistants. Virtual Assistants are the persons with heaps of experience who fulfill the requirements of the clients from distant location. So why not take advantage of experienced virtual assistants?

Most of the business people have misconceptions about what services they provide. What are the services which can be outsourced to virtual assistants? Listed below are the types of Virtual Assistant available in the market:      

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant 

Managing the books, preparing accurate financial reports, filing tax returns on time, reconcile statements are some of the bookkeeping tasks that every company has to do. Doing this single-handed can create a vicious circle. A virtual bookkeeping assistant is a person who manages all your bookkeeping tasks remotely. Managing all this with the help of a professional bookkeeping assistant can make your management a little easier and more efficient. Diminution in workload will result in a focus on the core projects and lead in business growth.

What services do they provide?

Cash flow management.

Bank account management.


Filling tax returns.


Enter transactions.


Preparing financial statements.


Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Performing data management is a very time-consuming task. The most important thing to keep in mind is accuracy. Every kind of business, whether it is schools, hospitals, companies, clinics, shops, requires data entry service provider. Entrepreneurs do not have time to manage data entry work. Therefore, they outsource data entry services to Virtual Assistant. They provide you with skilled and experienced, fast and accurate, efficient and cost-effective services.

What services do they provide?

Keep records of the tasks.

Data conversion.

Processing forms.

Verifying data for accuracy.

Compiling data collected in different forms.

Entering data from one source to another

ECommerce Virtual Assistant

It is not a piece of cake to run an online business store whether it is a small store or a huge brand. You have to manage various tasks all by yourself like product listing, preparing excel sheets for various products, adjusting prices and inventory, product description, image editing, managing inventory. An eCommerce virtual assistant can assist you to manage all these operations so that you focus on the growth incentives of the business. Ecommerce virtual assistants are professionals in handling different eCommerce platforms like Amazon, WooCommerce, eBay and other eCommerce marketplace operations. Still, you can keep track of the work your virtual assistant is doing. Do you want to outsource your tasks but not sure what tasks you can outsource? Following are the activities they can assist you with:

Product research tasks.

Product listing in different ways.

Excel work on products.

Removing image background.

Adjusting prices and inventory.

Order processing.

Manage returns and exchanges.

Website maintenance.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Digital marketing is fundamental to business success. But marketing is not a one-day task to finish off. It is an evolving process for business growth. It is a failure to build a huge online store if it does not reach to the potential customers. Regardless of which industry you are working in, marketing always plays a crucial role in business growth. Digital marketers are experienced professionals who are updated with new technology and internet-based platforms to promote your business.
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They facilitate in promoting your brand and increase visibility across platforms So, what are the tasks that a digital marketing virtual assistant can do?

Email marketing.

Social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimization.

Creating portfolios.

Content marketing.

Digital advertising and ads.

Keywords researching.

Managing feedbacks.

Virtual Assistant Writers

Content writing virtual assistant are highly skilled and qualified professionals who effectively compose content on websites, blogs, articles, newspapers to convey significant information to users. The content has to be written accurately, appealing to potential customers, engaging and informative. They can write flawless content for all sorts of business niches. You just need to give an overview and they’ll start writing.

Are you trying to do it by yourself?

What about the idea to lease a content writing virtual assistant?

Explore some of the operations they perform.

Content creation.

Post schedule and set up.

Audience research.

Competitor research.

Content promotion.

Proofreading and editing.

Topic research.

Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

Many businessmen and women avoid the importance of graphic designers. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. A graphic designing virtual assistant is an asset who is well informed to transform your brand in visual form. They elevate the company’s profile and conspicuity in the market. Listed below are the tasks you shall less focus on after leveraging a graphic virtual assistant.

Logo creation.

Website graphics.


Business cards.

Image editing.


Video editing.

Attractive banner ads.

Today, customers are with high expectations. You have to do a bunch of things to seize their sight towards you. The Market is available with different types of virtual assistants to meet your expectations. As you have learned from this blog about various types of virtual assistants who can perform task on behalf of you with great efficiency. There are mainly 6 types of virtual assistants including Bookkeeping virtual assistant, Data entry virtual assistant, eCommerce virtual assistant, Digital Marketing virtual assistant, content writing virtual assistant, Graphic designer virtual assistant but other than these there are lots of activities that virtual assistant can do for you and your business.


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