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Virtual Assistants: How Alexa Successfully Integrates into Society


It can be surprisingly tricky to have society accept an advance in technology that has been labelled as a gimmick due to a number of failed attempts. Whether it has to do with virtual technology or voice requests and integration, most often fail due to a lack of proper support. That said, the latter has begun to make waves due to the inception of Alexa, a virtual assistant fully capable of taking voice requests.

Similar to the success of the touchpad, Alexa has managed to succeed where many others have failed due to a combination of timing, effectiveness, and luck. Here are just a few ways in which Alexa skills development has managed to integrate successfully into society.

Alexa and marketing

The fact that Alexa has not yet fully realised its full potential as a virtual assistant is something that plenty of businesses can take advantage of when it comes to marketing. For example, Tide has come up with an Alexa skill which can help homeowners get rid of hundreds of stains with the help of their products. Having Alexa provide careful instructions based on the type of stain has proven to be a mammoth success in its own right.

In similar ways, companies can make use of Alexa to further expose their brand through the use of smart marketing campaigns. With social media as the foundation, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoying Alexa at home

Aside from making use of Alexa as a marketing tool, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of voice recognition at home. For example, if you have a house in which the lights and temperature are controlled by apps, Alexa can interface with them to allow you to control most features of your home with nothing but your voice. Aside from that, Alexa can also provide you with recipes as you cook, set the mood with the right music, and make things fun for kids by helping them run apps through voice commands. Even if you might not be too keen on the idea of making use of voice commands to run apps, your family members might enjoy it!

Alexa as a virtual secretary

For employees working in the office, Alexa can be used to make dealing with the day’s responsibilities a little easier. It can help organise the calendar, and remind you of things you need to accomplish throughout the day. Depending on how open-minded your company is, you can also expect Alexa to be used in meetings as well as interface with specific kinds of business software to make things easier for everyone involved. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of Alexa skills in the workplace, and there is still so much untapped potential!

Whether you make use of Alexa through marketing, at home, or as a virtual secretary, there is no denying that it has managed to successfully integrate into society - something that is not an easy feat by any means. Time will tell just how far Alexa will go.

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