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Visit Yamunotri Tourism And Get Unique Experience

Yamunotri Tourism

Do you need to enjoy your vacation by visiting a remarkable destination? If so then without any doubt Yamunotri is the exact destination. Yamunotri is the sacred place which is located at Uttarakhand. This place is naturally presented with plentiful of charm and beauty. It is situated at an altitude of 3185 meters above sea level. The river Yamuna originated from Champasar Glacier which is 4221m above sea height.  This glacier is located at a distance of 1km from the holy place of Yamunotri which is very complex to reach. The Yamunotri Tourism destination is more popular and famous for its glaciers and thermal springs. Moreover, Yamunotri is the source of the Yamuna River. This place is placed close to Indo & China border and enriched by mountains on all sides. If you need to get more facts about Yamunotri then continue reading this article.

Get more information about Yamunotri:

Yamunotri is one of the best holiest places. It is the origin of the blessed river Yamuna. It is one of the most essential stopovers on the journey of the Hindu pilgrim. It is located in the Uttarkashi district of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is surrounded by Himalayan mountains on all sides. The Yamunotri is the major attraction of Yamunotri tourism. The temple is devoted to the Yamuna River.

As well as the Yamunotri is a famous destination for its trekking. The trek route starts from Hanuman Chatti which is 14 km. This trek route approximately takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete. The trek to this place is superb. The trekkers can able to see eye-catching views of peaks and passionate forests. Trekking up to Yamunotri tourism needs a day and the trek routes travel through forests & land.

Tourist places of Yamunotri

Yamunotri is one of the vital pilgrimages for the Hindus. The main attention of this destination is the temple. It provides all the accommodation facilities for the tourist’s people. There are many tourists’ spots to visit in Yamunotri which are mentioned below:

Yamunotri temple

This temple lies in the western Garhwal Himalayas at an altitude of about 329m. It is the second most holy place of India. The temple is one of the four pilgrimage sites. By visiting this place one can explore a unique atmosphere.


Jankichatti is another popular tourist spot to visit during the Yamunotri tourism. It is well known for its thermal springs. It acts as the main center for the pilgrims traveling to Yamunotri. This is surrounded by high mountains on all sides.

Shani Dev temple

It is considered as the oldest temple. It is located at 7000m above sea level in Kharsali. The tourist can reach this spot by availing bus facility. Thus the above mentioned are the most popular places in Yamunotri for tourists to visit during their leisure time. In order to reach this destination, people can avail bus transportation.  The best time to visit Yamunotri destination is during summer. It is because the climate remains cool.

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