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Visitor Management for Schools

Visitor Management for Schools


When dealing with an unexpected visitor influx, or even just a regular increase in visitors, one of the first concerns will be securing the facility for their visit. It is essential to plan ahead for these situations and be able to address the needs of each visitor. Visitor Management essentially refers to the process of processing, welcoming and monitoring visitors at various facilities or work sites. From simple log books to more sophisticated software systems that can be integrated into more comprehensive security plans, visitor management systems refer to the various tools used to do just that and run the process smoothly.

 Benefits of Installing Visitor Management

A simple but effective visitor management system like iLobby for schools can simply involve the creation of a manual entry list detailing the physical location of each visitor. For example, each visitor may be required to identify their passageway through a certain type of door, or to identify their parking location. In addition, each entry should contain a description of the purpose of the visit as well as a detailed description of the personal information provided by each visitor. It should also contain the date, and time of the visit as well as a written description of the specific location(s) where the individual was assigned to in the school system.


More complex systems often include database entries that store all of the relevant data pertaining to a given visitor's past visits to each school site. This database is used by the Visitor Management personnel to efficiently manage the flow of information for a school's Visitor Services Department. The database can keep track of not only the individual's name, address, and other pertinent information about them, but also their passageway information, how they entered the facility and other information which should be readily available for quick reference. A great many schools use entry point capture systems which allow the staff to determine immediately whether a particular person is authorized to enter a restricted area or is banned altogether. These systems also help to reduce paperwork, improve the accuracy of the entry card processing, and take care of paperwork, which would otherwise accumulate and take valuable school hours.


Importance of Integrated Visitor Management Systems for Schools

Importance of Visitor Information Database

The database used by schools to store information about visitors should be as customized as possible. A good database should include names of students who have established a relationship with the school, their contact information, educational and athletic accomplishments and any special privileges they may enjoy. A good database should also hold information about visitors who have been banned from the school premises due to inappropriate behavior, or due to illegal entries or purchases. It should be easily accessible and maintain accurate lists for all types of visitors.

The school website should be linked to a database which contains updated information on all school activities. This database should include all forms of communication sent through email, text messages, and phone calls. It should also provide entry details for brochures, web pages, newsletters, adverts, websites, email campaigns, donor registration forms, event calendars, and schedules. It should also be possible to track the status of student visitors to different schools and to enter their details into the database. An integrated website visitor management system will keep up to date records about visitors to all the schools under a single roof. Such a system could also allow the creation of visitor profiles, which could allow the school to follow up on those who visit a particular school.


Keeping up to date with the information

The Visitor Management for Schools needs to be capable of collecting data and using it to make informed decisions about schools and staff members. The database needs to be up-to-date so that school leadership can monitor performance and use it for decision making. There must also be provisions for the immediate recall of records by the school management at the request of the parents or other stakeholders. In essence the database should be as flexible as possible allowing additions and deletions of information as necessary. The requirements must also be defined and must be reviewed periodically to ensure that the information meets legal, privacy, and security requirements.

Components of a Secure Visitor Management System

The database should also allow the inclusion of notes from visitors regarding the schools for example comments on facilities and student support services. Such information is valuable as it allows the school to develop improved services for its visitors. The establishment of a database and its maintenance is therefore an essential part of a successful visitor management system for schools.


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