Vitamin C - All You Need to Know About This Glow Giver


What comes to your mind when you think about healthy-looking and glowing skin? There are several skincare ingredients that may pop up in your mind to remind you of the many benefits they have. Of them, the most common one is Vitamin C. If you read magazines and articles that talk about skincare or a vitamin c cream, you will know that Vitamin C cannot be produced by your body internally. It is that Vitamin that needs to be externally provided. Let us take a look at what Vitamin C is and how it can naturally help develop the skin.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is acidic in nature and is professionally referred to as L-ascorbic acid or, simply put, ascorbic acid. This Vitamin is mostly present in citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and more. Doctors recommend that Vitamin C intake can give your body more immunity. This Vitamin helps to keep cardiovascular diseases in check and prevents stroke. What is of more concern to us is how this Vitamin in the body can naturally improve the skin. 


How Should We Incorporate Vitamin C in Our Skincare?

There are different ways in which we can ensure that our body has an adequate amount of Vitamin C. The first thing that comes to mind is the external intake of Vitamin C through naturally rich fruits and vegetables. Such an intake can definitely help the body to pass on the required Vitamin through the blood vessels to the skin. However, the quantity of intake, in this case, may not be sufficient. After all, do you really want to eat 1 kg citrus fruit every day just to get the minimum amount of Vitamin C that your skin needs? 

Next comes taking Vitamin C as a medicated drug. If you visit a doctor, you can get recommendations for prescription drugs that can help you incorporate Vitamin C into your body. Even then, the process will not give your skin the amount of Vitamin C needed. Hence, dermatologists believe that the right way to ensure that your skin gets the desired nutrition is by using a Vitamin C cream. Scientific research has proved that if you apply the Vitamin C cream on your skin topically, the result will be 20 times better than eating or intaking Vitamin C externally.  

How Can Vitamin C Help the Skin?

If you are wondering why the hype is prevalent regarding Vitamin C, you need to take a look at the benefits this ingredient can bring when it comes to skincare. 

Evens Out Skin Tone 

Vitamin C helps in maintaining the melanin production in the dermis, that is, the layers underneath. This naturally acts as the inspector that ensures a sufficient amount of melanin production as well as distribution. This is what gives the skin an even tone. At the same time, it helps the skin glow from within and makes your skin ready for a no-filter selfie.  

Slows Down Skin’s Aging Process 

If you have early signs of aging, you must incorporate the Vitamin C cream into your skincare regime. This ingredient will help your tissues repair and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles through collagen production and control. Thanks to this ingredient, you can look younger than your age. 

Protects from the Harmful Sun Rays

Vitamin C has got anti-oxidizing properties. This property helps you keep your skin protected from pollution and the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin C helps fight the production of free radicles from sun exposure that can keep sunburn and tan at bay. 

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Which Vitamin C Cream Should You Buy?


Vitamin C is a common ingredient, and many brands have launched Vitamin C creams ideal for daily use. However, if you want to benefit from using a Vitamin C cream truly, you have to ensure that you buy a product that is natural and free of harmful chemicals. Out of the several Vitamin C products available in the market, we have tried and tested almost all of them. Out of those, we would recommend you purchase the Vitamin C Face Cream from Mamaearth that is made with natural ingredients and also provides sun protection. It is free of toxins and ensures that your skin has an all-day natural glow. So, make sure you include this in your skincare routine and embrace your healthy-looking, glowing, and young skin naturally.