Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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WAGO Connectors: The Pluggable Solution for Your Application

The connector is what connects your wires to the application. Whether on a printed circuit board, in a control cabinet or for lighting connection, WAGO’s connector solutions quickly and easily connect to the widest variety of applications. This blog post talks about how they offer connectors that work with every application and their benefits, such as conductors always securely clamped via spring pressure connection technology and guaranteed protection against mismating through individual coding.

What are WAGO Connectors?

WAGO connector solutions connect to the widest range of applications. These connectors are designed for precision and durability, providing maximum performance in harsh environments, including damp or moist environments such as those found on a printed circuit board. Their Cage Clamp termination provides secure connections that cannot be over-tightened by hand; it also has an advanced design that prevents reverse polarity connection mistakes from occurring.

How do they work?

The connector system is designed to be quick, easy and reliable. It produces an optimum electrical connection and precise alignment between the wires ‍and connector pins preventing accidental cross-connection errors, leading to fire risk or power loss. The connector needs only a little force for insertion or release because the contacts are spaced apart by a distance corresponding precisely with the width of wire end ferrules used in field wiring applications.

What do they protect against?

WAGO connectors have been designed from the ground up with protection against mismating at its heart – assuring that every connector mates correctly without any need for special tools when installing new cables or changing old ones over time. Every WAGO connector has unique coding on connector pins and wire end ferrules to help ensure that wiring errors will not happen when mating connector pairs.

Applications that use WAGO Connectors

Applications which use WAGO connectors for applications include Printed Circuit Boards, Control Cabinets, Electrical Systems or Lighting Connection. Typical Applications may consist of Card Production Machines, Power Supplies, Mining Equipment Controls and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS). As a pluggable connector solution company worldwide, there is no need to find an alternative manufacturer’s connector. They offer terminals on all ranges, from standard through to high-performance engineering types.

Benefits of WAGO Connectors

The benefits of using WAGO connectors are numerous.

     WAGO’s pluggable connectors connect instantly and efficiently to any application by a single connection point without resorting to complicated wiring or soldering. It preserves you time and money when installing new electronics.

     In addition, conductors are always securely clamped due to spring pressure connector technology which protects against premature wear of wires that can lead to short circuits – no need for expensive crimping tools.

     All types of wire, including the solid conductor, ferruled conductor (e.g., aluminium), and the stranded copper wire, can be terminated with push-in CAGE CLAMP connector termination guaranteeing protection from mismating.

     The connector can get used in many different applications, such as a connector for printed circuit board (PCB), connector on the control cabinet, or connector for lighting connection and much more.

WAGO Connectors are the pluggable solution for your application. With longer than 60 years of expertise in manufacturing, they have perfected their products and their applications to ensure you get a product that meets all of your needs. They offer one-stop shopping with access to over 20 different connector types at competitive prices so you can discover what goes best for you – no matter how specific or complex your requirements maybe! If you’re looking for high-quality connectors from a company around 1950, look no further than WAGO Connectors.

The connector solution company has a global presence with an extensive sales network. To learn more or ask any questions about their vast array of offerings, please contact them today! Check out the homepage of their website and find your nearest distributor, or contact WAGO directly for more information about cost-effective connector solutions

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