Want a Second Passport? Find a Property for Sale in Paphos


Are you fed up with applying for a visa every time you travel to a new country? Perhaps you want to explore Europe because you’re intrigued about that continent? Whatever your reasons, you'll benefit hugely from having a European passport.
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Let’s also not forget just how much easier the visa process is for many countries worldwide if you have a European passport. The great thing is that you can easily do this by starting by looking for property for sale in Paphos.

How Looking for property for sale in Paphos helps you Get a Second Passport

     Easiest process in Europe

     No waiting for final decisions

     No time requirement

The great news for Paphos is that the process for citizenship is very easy. Of course, there are forms to complete and documents to provide. However, everything can be done in as little time as 6 months. This is incredible when you consider that most countries require a minimum of at least 5 years.

Another great advantage of the Cypriot citizenship process is you’ll get citizenship as long as you invest. None of this waiting around with bated breath for immigration to decide if you’re going to be accepted. You also don’t have to put in all that time and effort in those torturous queues at immigration offices.

Options to Apply for Citizenship

     Fast track

     7 years residency

The scheme was originally developed to attract investors and high-net-worth professionals. Essentially, the idea is that they can support themselves and bring money into the country. Therefore, the fastest way to secure your citizenship is by investing. The minimum investment is 2 million euros although there are different combinations you can do. For example, you can invest in both properties and local businesses. Essentially, you then get given a 6 months residency pass, which is later converted to citizenship.

It’s worth noting that you can still follow the more common route of letting time pass by. After 7 years of permanent residency, including one year living full-time in Cyprus, you can also apply for citizenship without making a large investment. Of course, the route you follow depends on your time pressures and needs. Clearly, your budget comes into consideration.

Benefits of Holding a Cypriot Passport


     Education and employment


     Tax and pension

It’s a huge luxury having access to Europe and the variety of cultures and history that it offers. Each country is unique in its way, with so much to offer. Also, some of the highest employment rates for graduates are in Europe, with Germany and the Netherlands at over 90%. Of course, it’s not just about the graduates, though, and professionals can expect an average employment rate of above 70%.

You’ll also have access to jobs and education once you have your Cypriot passport. For example, Germany and Spain have some of the best universities in the world. Sadly, Oxford and Cambridge can’t be included in the list anymore now that Brexit has pulled the UK out of Europe. Nevertheless, applying to those universities does not depend on the passport you hold.

Some of the best hospitals in the world are in Europe. Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Norway all offer some of the most respected healthcare, and France and Switzerland. Last but not least, think about the extra support you’ll get with pension benefits and Cyprus’s hugely attractive tax system.

The Essence of Europe




     Art and Science

Paphos is the 2017 European Capital of Culture. That gives you a clue as to what to expect when you start looking for property for Paphos sale. The richness and diversity of history and tradition are astounding. This includes across Europe, and in fact, it would take you several lifetimes to explore everything to its full. You'll always have something to do when living in Europe.

Literature has a long history in Europe due to so many languages that grew from a history of tribes. For instance, mythology still surrounds Paphos, as well as all the stories revered by Ancient Greece. Of course, each continent and country has its history and culture. However, it’s the richness of all our differences and commonality that makes us such a fascinating species.

Religion, art, and science were almost interchangeable at one point in time in Europe. Consider the ancient monks in their monasteries in France sewing their tapestries or painting their scrolls several centuries ago. The Renaissance and impressionists came much later, but in Paphos, you’ll admire mosaics and statues from Ancient Greece.

Final Thoughts on the property for sale in Paphos and Getting your Second Passport

Having a European passport has enormous advantages. Clearly, this depends on the current passport you’re holding. However, look for property for sale in Paphos if you want to get a second passport easily. The process is quick and straightforward, and you’ll be able to explore Europe in no time at all.

image source:  https://unsplash.com/photos/bx_Gxj2-1zI