Want an all-rounder tile in your home? Welcome the vitrified tiles!


Did somebody suggest you go for tiles for your home decor? Well, these are the best options available that can actually enhance the beauty of your home considerably. But of course, there are numerous variants of tiles in the market. And that is why you are often under a dilemma as to which one would suit your lifestyle and house better. But if you are looking for an all-inclusive solution for your place, then we would highly suggest you go for vitrified tiles.

 Reasons why vitrified tiles are most recommended for your house!

The vitrified tiles are actually a blend of clay and silica with a very low porosity level. And experts say that these are the type of tiles that can be used in almost all areas of your home. No wonder we called it all-rounder! So, when you are hiring the professionals for tiling in Auckland from Bathroom & Tilingthe skilled and reliable people for carrying out the job in your home and office, remember to get this most wonderful variant of tiles – the versatile vitrified. Still not convinced? Read more!

  • They are better than ceramic — If you want a much-needed break from the regular ceramic tiles, then vitrified tiles is the best option for you. These are available in numerous sizes and shapes so that you can install them as your living room floor or walls, in your kitchen, bathroom, and almost everywhere in your home.

  • The long-lasting sheen — One of the most common reasons why people consider vitrified tiles for their homes is because of their shine and glittering effect. And you know what is the most amazing part of this shine? It is that this sheen is not lost easily no matter how much traffic these tiles face. It's actually a very long-lasting solution with the original beauty and dazzles staying intact for years.

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  • It imitates marble and granite perfectly — Most of you who are looking for a fabulous flooring option in your home will often opt for marble or granite. However, natural stones are not only costlier but also very high on maintenance. So why don't you choose vitrified tiles instead? These can easily mimic the look of the natural stones, come in a wide selection of colors and textures, and look extremely alluring in any kind of place. What’s more? These don’t break your bank when you buy them or your back when you clean them. Totally win-win!

  • Affordable rates — Budget is often the biggest hindrance in choosing any kind of product for your home decor. So, if you want an all-inclusive tiling solution that looks fabulous and works extremely well for your floors, backsplash, bathroom, kitchen, etc, then vitrified tiles are the right solution for you.


Furthermore, the fusion of materials at a high heat point for creating these tiles make them not only strong, but also non-porous (making them stain and wear-resistant). After reading all these exclusive benefits of vitrified tiles, all you have to do is rush to your nearby tiles store and pick them up in the most amazing variants for your home.