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Want iMessage for Windows? Here we have a Solution.

Can you get iMessage on Windows?

We have seen there are many instant messaging applications available nowadays. Similarly, imessage is the instant messaging service owned by apple. Imessage helps owners of iPhone, iPad and mac to exchanges messages over the internet. As imessage runs on apple's software, this is not available for Windows, but there is still enormous demand for imessage between non-apple users.

Still, this is accessible to the other OS users. You will need to visit apples' official website and download application to install on laptop or desktop, just like any other applications installed in windows Operating Software’s. So, to use imessage launch it as you install it and here you go with messaging. 

How to text on imessage using Windows 10?

Let's imagine, due to peer pressure now, you are a proud owner of the Apple iPhone and mac book too. But the problem starts when you are glued to your window's system, and you need to unlock your iPhone now and then access imessage. It hampers your regular work and efficiency.

It's sad that iPhone does not have a cloud-based solution to access all web pages and responds to text just like the Android cloud-based solution. By using a chrome remote desktop, it becomes much easier to use imessage on desktop. You will not require to unlock your iPhone now and then to get access to your imessage.

Easy steps to message on iPhone?

  • Go to the settings application.

  • Find your Apple ID and Tap on it

  • You will find iCloud there, and you will need to tap iCloud.

  • You will see a green toggle button, which means you can message easily using your iMessage from the windows operating system.

Check how you can easily message using MAC OS:


  • The first step is to launch the messaging app from the launchpad or desktop.

  • Two-factor authentication is optional. If you have not opted for two-factor sign-in, you will require filling in your device account's ID and Password.

  • Visit the menu bar of the application and click on messages, and now you will need to select the preferences tab.

  • You will see an imessage tab in the pop-up window.

  • Remember to enable your account and messages in the cloud so that you do not need to face any issues while starting to use it. This will also save you time.

  • It will ask for your contact details to reach you, like your contact number and email address.

  • Next step is to select or de-select the read receipts. This is optional.

  • Choose the email id and password that is used to reach you. Therefore, syncing your account to work on your imessage.

Chrome for MAC OS:

Now as you are happy with your imessage and it is running successfully. Sign in using your Google account as soon as you download the google chrome for the MAC operating software.

Here are the following steps to follow:

  • Chrome Remote Desktop Extension needs to be installed after you have downloaded Chrome from Google.

  • You will see an authorization request pop up on the screen saying, "accept and install."

  • You will have to accept and install to go to the next step and to have access to necessary host rights.

  • Now the pop-up window will ask you to select OK so that it can start downloading the application.

  • Now to enable the remote connections button, you will have to install the hosting package of Chrome.

  • A pop up will appear asking to create a pin that is usable while you will try to connect from a different location.

  • Create the security pin that is unique to you and submit the password for the computer when asked for it.

  • Now you are good to go with remote connection access.

Now we will run a shorter version to set up MAC OS without using the hosting package. It is easy to run and operate.

You will have to follow a couple of the same steps as downloading Google Chrome, signing in, and installing it. You can find the chrome remote desktop icon from the app address bar in Chrome.

  • Get started with the google chrome icon that is available under My computers on your desktop.

  • Create a desktop shortcut for Chrome and pin it for easy accessibility.

  • Click on the MAC book after seeing the MAC OS machine, which shall be visible while your window OS looks for it.

  • Insert the pin that will ask you to put it.

Now imessage is ready to be used on windows. Now you can remotely access your imessage on windows software. These were a couple of steps to be followed and get going with your imessage on windows. Have happy messaging, and peer pressure won't be an issue anymore. Imessage will give an excellent experience in terms of instant messaging.

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