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Want To Become an Employer of Choice? Find out How!

Most small and mid-scale organizations find it hard to retain their people together. While job-hopping is a common phenomenon, but the root cause is workplace dissatisfaction, and people hardly leave a company because they need more money. So what is causing them to look for change, and how can you retain and engage them to become the employer of choice? Let’s check out why employees quit so that these reasons can be avoided:

Inflexible Work Arrangement

Culture has gone through a sea change, and most employees expect a relaxed schedule these days. But they are surely not looking for a nine to five sort of thing that requires you to be in the office every day. If a company offers them a flexible arrangement, workers are more likely to choose them over an employer that doesn’t. According to research, one-third of the employees would quit their job for another if they get to work remotely or part-time. Most of them would remain loyal if their jobs were more flexible.

Lack of Empathy

In recent research, it was found that most of the employees are likely to stay in their job if their senior expressed more empathy. It is especially crucial for those leaders who want to manage a team of workers with differing personalities.

You need to understand and have a caring attitude for every team member so that they care about them as people, and not merely as employees working in the company. Cared employees will go that extra mile for the company too!

Disengaged Employees

Engaged employees are a lot less likely to look for a new job. However, disengaged employees are quick to seek employment elsewhere. If workers find it difficult time connecting with and finding interest in their work, the chances are that they will not remain with the company for long. Find out what interests them the most and let them have a say in their employees.

Undervalued Employees

Every employee wants their performance to go unnoticed when they are putting in extra hours and are working harder than the other employees. But many workers feel it this way and would consider leaving their job.

Now let’s see why employees stay and remain loyal to their organization:

Better Culture

Every employee wants to stay part of something special. And those who remain with the company is due to their culture and the collective behavior of the company. Being a part of something special connects them emotionally and fills them with a sense of pride.

Meaningful Work

Some long-term employees chose to stay because they are comfortable. But great ones are gifted with talent, and they want to excel and succeed by doing meaningful work. They want to touch and change their lives for better and want to continue doing so. Being a part of something innovative and ahead of the competition keeps them glued to their work.

Personal Contribution

When employees are a part of something special, they feel challenged to contribute to the work. They feel a sense of responsibility and duty to the team and the company. As that responsibility is earned through the hard work, the bond between the great employees, the team and the company become highly strong.

Recognition and Respect

Great employees take challenges daily, and they set and maintain and the rhythm of the company. They will nurture others and step up feeling the need of the hour.


Looking at these points on why employees stay or why they quit, you can identify the issues within your company and create an environment where people choose to stay for long.

Pooja is a digital marketing professional. Presently, he is an incredibly passionate about software, technology, website design, paid marketing, and content marketing and other technical topics.
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