Want To Go On A Road E-Bike Trip? Get Your E-Bike Ready First!

e bike conversion kit

Are you planning to go on cross-country trips?  Or do you want your e-bike to ride in the city and want to go for mountain rides occasionally? How can you be prepared with your e-bike first? If you have a traditional bike, you can consider going for an electric bike conversion kit. Using one, you will be prepared with your e-bike for the trip.

But many would consider going for a new e-bike to avoid any complications mid-way. If you are thinking about how to choose an electric bike for the cross country roads, then you should pay attention to long-range and more battery capacity and power as well. Look for more speed options, wider tires and larger wheels that will work well in various terrains. Then the bike should have a comfortable seat to help you travel long-distances. Here are vital things that you need to consider when you are selecting one:

Understanding the Needs First

Even converted bikes can take you cross-roads so need to be clear with what you should expect:

  • When you are on a cross-country trip, you will be spending more time on your e-bike.
  • There will not be as many stops and turns, and if you are not in the mountains, you will mostly be taking long roads during the rides.
  • Not all the roads will be paved, and it is likely that on a cross-country ride your e-bike wheels.

Long-Lasting Battery

You will be making half-day or even day-long trips on your electric road bike. It means that you need to have sufficient battery life. Also if you aren’t able to charge the battery on the trip, one single charge should be able to take you around. But the battery range is meaningful only if the level of assistance is provided as well.

Even if you are planning to use an electric bike conversion kit, it should have enough powerful battery to take you around.


Strong Motor

When you are on cross-road trips, the landscape varies from flat valleys to steep hills.  You will surely need a motor that can help you with this. Check out the power rating of the battery. A 250W e-bike motor can do an excellent job in the city, but with a 500W battery, you can easily travel to the cross-road trips.

Wheels and Tires

If you want comfortable rides on cross-country narrow roads and trails, you will surely need more substantial wheels and thicker tires. Larger wheels help you cover more distance for each pedal move, and thick tires give additional stability.

Speed options

Whether you are buying a kit or a new bike, you must look for more speed options to ride over any terrain that you come across.


A comfortable trip is especially useful, and you must make sure that the e-bike has it for more comfort.