Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Want to learn just one analytics tool? Let it be Python

If you have been a student of computer science or information technology in recent times you might just as well skip this article. I do not expect to offer you anything that you already do not know. You are well aware of the stand that Python has in the market. But if you are not sure how to set a strong foot into the world of quantitative analytics, have doubts regarding which tool to learn, then I would suggest you to spend some time on this.

Python, the global language

One of my friends, who is pursuing a masters’ in computer science made a funny statement one day. He said if there is ever a language that every citizen must learn then let it be Python. And this jokingly made statement may well hold true for a large chunk of the youth that is eyeing a career in analytics or in the digital sector in general. Python is a general purpose language that you can use to design a web page or to create a fun mobile app. It is also one of the most quantitatively capacitated languages. That means when it comes to advanced analytics or machine learning, Python can be your best buddy.

Python is on a winning spree

Python just beat SAS and R in a survey by Butch Works for the language most preferred by data scientists. 41% of the respondents have chosen Python. Since the inclusion of Python in the survey in 2016 it has kept gaining ground while pushing R and SAS towards the margin. If you conduct a market wide survey you will learn that the young data science professionals with the experience of 2-10 years mostly prefer Python over SAS and R; whereas the older pros with experience of more than 15 years still go for SAS. SAS has been there in the market for a long period of time. It has had its glory days but it seems as if Python is supplanting it at all frontiers.

How does the future look like for Python?

The world of technology changes at an incredible pace. It is too brave if not outright stupid to comment on the future but I will still have a dig. Python is a language that is not just preferred for its efficiency but also loved for its simplicity and the power it gives to the developer or the analyst. The youth does not use Python because they have to but because they love to. Python training is something that will surely prepare you for the best roles. The best in the game are using Python. The developers are upgrading the libraries and the functionalities to the best of their abilities. It is the state of the art language and there is no way you are not learning it.

Where to acquire Python training?

It is free open source software. You can learn Python all by yourself with the help of free online resources. But remember, there is a distinction between learning something and being trained in something. After what you learn in traditional academic programmes you can enrol at private analytics and data science training institutes that can show you the right way. 

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