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Want to make a smart decision? Rent — don’t buy — your home appliances

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Are you currently on the hunt for a new home appliance? Maybe your fridge is well past its used-by date, or you need a heater to combat the oncoming chilly nights. Well, have you considered renting, rather than purchasing, that appliance?

The rising cost of living and the want to live a minimal, sustainable life means that many people are now opting to rent home appliances. If you have never thought of renting a dishwasher before, or are not entirely sure of what the process entails, read on to find out more!

What types of home appliances can I rent? 

The short answer? Many! These days, rental providers tend to offer a wide range of home and garden appliances for rent. Whether you are looking for a new washing machine or a barbecue to complement your perfect outdoor setup, rest assured, you can rent it.

Home appliances that are popular rental options include:





     Washing machines


     Air conditioners


Plus, smaller appliances including coffee machines, air fryers, vacuums — even toasters can be rented.

Benefits of renting

There are many benefits to opting to rent home appliances. People of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances are now finding renting to be a more affordable, convenient, and sustainable option when it comes to outfitting their home.

Broadly speaking, renting an appliance can benefit you via:

     A reduced upfront cost: The average cost of household and garden products is quite significant, making many essential appliances — such as fridges, washing machines, and air conditioners — out of reach for consumers. However, renting an appliance on an affordable and realistic payment plan decreases the lump financial outlay that is required to purchase a new product.

     Meeting your lifestyle needs: Rising household prices means that more of us are renting homes. Furnishing a rental can be difficult, particularly if you are only planning to stay for the short term. Renting your household appliances and furniture alongside the house itself means that you will not be stuck with goods that you no longer need, nor have space for.

     Added convenience: Purchasing appliances is often quite a hassle. Visiting showrooms, comparing suppliers to find the best deal, and organising delivery are all steps that can take months to complete. Renting an appliance, on the other hand, could not be easier. Most rental providers have a simple, one-stop website where you can browse their range, easily compare the prices of different makes and models, before simply adding your choice to your cart and waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep.

What to consider before signing a rental agreement

Before you get too carried away with the thought of all the appliances you could be renting, there are a few important points that need to be considered. Renting comes with its own set of responsibilities that should be talked through before signing a rental agreement.

     Do I qualify to rent? This is a difficult question and the answer will depend on both your personal situation and the policies of the rental provider. Generally speaking, most providers will require multiple forms of identification and some financial information. This can include a bank statement, income/expense report and sometimes, a credit check. If you have any concerns, it is best to contact the provider directly to discuss your situation.

     Can I afford to rent? While renting an appliance does come without the significant upfront cost of purchasing, it is still important that you take the time to sit down and calculate whether you can afford the on-going payment plan.

     Will this appliance fit in my home? Arguably the most important question of all. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting excited about a brand new fridge, only to find that it doesn’t fit through your front door. Be sure to take measurements of the room and door frames and also consider whether the appliance will fit in with the general decor of the space.

Frequently asked questions

Aside from the above point, there are a few additional frequently asked questions by people looking to rent a new appliance.

Will I own the appliance at the end of the rental agreement?

Again, this will depend on your specific provider. Some rental companies offer ‘rent to own’ models while others will require the product to be returned at the conclusion of your agreement. Speak directly to your provider to find out.

What warranty comes with my rental?

Generally speaking, a brand-new appliance rental will come with the manufacturer’s warranty. In some situations, a provider may offer their own warranty once this has expired. Before signing a rental agreement, be sure that you completely understand your responsibilities in regards to warranty, particularly the steps you should take if the appliance is damaged or breaks down.

The decision to rent home appliances really is a simple one. If you are in need of a new fridge, dishwasher, or any other type of home and garden product, be sure to consider renting as a convenient option, without the upfront cost.


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