Want To Make An App For News & Showbiz? Things To Know


Newspapers are gradually fading out with people welcoming the era of news apps.

While most spend hours on phones or tablets, what’s better than having round-o-clock news, sports highlights, showbiz and other broadcasts of the day in the mobiles only? With mobile apps, there evolved easy ways for people to keep abreast of the lastest and even the most remote news from around the corners of the world.

Previously one could not search for the particular type of news he or she wants to read. But, with the advent of news-specific apps, you can keep an eye on any genre of newscasts, sports or business or tech news. So, news publishers or broadcasters who are looking to finetune and grow their exposure, it’s time to seek for mobile apps development in Australia for a feature-rich engaging news app.

While there are many popular apps already playing fair in the news and telecast world such as  BBC News, Apple News, NewsBeat, Huffspot and Simply News, the market still holds scopes for new apps. If you want to make one app to provide a daily dose of news and information across the media, then know about these imperative features.

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#1 Free or Paid Subscriptions

If you want to make some lump sum money from your news app, go for paid subscriptions. However, the best way to make get more readers on board is providing them with a free version on a trial basis for 1 month or 3 months. After the trial period expires, the users notified to choose a subscription pack to continue using it.

#2 User-profile

After the users register, they are directed to the page where they are needed to create user profiles putting all personal information including location. The data fetch from the users will help you better understand your customers and so you can offer them personalised content.

#3 Smart-filter

Allow your users to filter out news by categories like entertainment, sports, economics and science. Additionally, let them find out news according to labels like “Latest”, “Most popular” or “Live news”.

#4 Offline

Makes sure your readers have the access to read to old news or archived news or reread any existing article even when there’s no internet connection. This feature is essential to keep those users hooked who cannot afford to have internet connection all the time especially in the remote areas while travelling.

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#5 Social media integration

Let the users save and share any popular or important news article with others via social media platforms. So, your app should be integrated with one-click share buttons for platforms like Facebook, Twitter that will enable the users to directly share what they like on their own social media profiles.

#6 Push notifications

How to keep the visitors engaged with your news app and make them keep coming for more news? Push notifications that work wonders for any other app work here too in enhancing user-engagement because they just pop on their home screens even when they are not using the app. When you keep reminding the users about any significant new stories, subscription offers, localised news, any article release on their favourite genre, etc. it is like valuing them for being the loyal users and they are more likely to cling to your app in the long-run.  

With more and more people are going for smart devices and personal utility apps to chase what they want and simplify their lives a bit, a news app will be another benevolent addition that will help them stay up-to-date with the world. So, what if you become an owner of such an app? Get assured services of mobile app development in Sydney for GetAProgrammer and start your journey in the most profitable apps industry!

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