Monday, December 4, 2023
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Want to Make Your Neighbors Jealous? Consider These Must-Have Backyard Features

For many people, the backyard is where you can have the most fun in your home. It can be the central area for entertaining on sunny afternoons or an escape for both adults and children. Because it's outside, you're not limited by necessity or practicality like you are in the home. That makes the backyard the perfect place to have a little fun and add in some features that can truly make your home stand out from your neighbors. So, if you want your house to be the talk of the neighborhood, then consider these backyard features to include in your home.

  1. Custom Swimming Pool

You can never go wrong with having a pool installed into the backyard of your home. Pools are a great place for parties and for private enjoyment. As soon as your friends here you had a pool crafted and placed in your backyard, you can be sure that they're going to want to come over as often as you can. The pool itself, however, isn't what makes the feature amazing. Lots of people have pools. The secret is making your pool stand out from the rest. You can do this by looking at custom pools in Naples and coming up with a design that is entirely unique. Why not have a pool that links with the home? Or a pool that includes a hot tub? Have you ever thought about having your own waterfall? It's the little--or big--details that matter when it comes to making your pool more than just a pool.

  1. Adult Tree House

You've heard about treehouses for kids, but have you ever considered a tree house for adults? Whether you have kids or not, adults need some time away, too. You can have a luxurious tree house that's just waiting for you. Fill it with comfy beds or cushions, a small TV, and maybe even a bar, and you have yourself the perfect getaway right in your backyard. Because it's a treehouse, you should think about including other features, too, like a slide or rock climbing wall. Just be sure no one is drinking when they attempt to climb up the treehouse. By adding in the right kind of soft lights, you can craft a treehouse that will make all of your neighbors want to have a sleepover.

  1. Massive Fire Pit

Another feature that you may think about including into your backyard is a huge fire pit. More and more families are including fire pits into their backyards as a place to fire-roast some food and catch up with one another. You can include this, too, but then make it even better by making the pit huge and elegant. Add in some stone or pavers to surround the fire pit and make it into a spot for intimate entertaining. Again, you can include a bar not far off where you and your friends can grab some drinks and then relax around the fire. By including soft and comfortable furniture to sit around the fire on, you'll likely find that no one wants to leave your backyard ever again.

  1. Backyard Movie Drive-In

An extremely simple way to make your backyard more than just a backyard is to make a drive-in. This beloved family past time can be within easy reach when you simply install a screen or even just hang a white sheet in your backyard. All you need from there is a projector and some comfortable furniture. You can make it as cozy as you want by hanging or placing lanterns around the area. If you have kids, then you can make it even more fun by having them build cars out of cardboard boxes. Just add a bit of popcorn and you have a movie experience unlike anything else in the neighborhood.

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