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Want to make your window boxes appealing and creative? Read 5 easy ways

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Alluring, innovative, and presentable is what we can say about the window boxes. Most of them are manufactured with cardboard stock, but you will also find some of them with corrugated materials. The main reason why they are popular is the window manufactured on them. Its placement can vary. Some businesses choose lid to make it. In contrast, others choose various sides in this regard. You will also find some of them in 3D form. But there are some ways to enhance their already appealing look. Here are 5 easy ones that can help in making them creative and attractive. 

Cleverly used graphics 

Visuals are always among the top priority of many businesses to make customizations. It is because this one is quite easy to do so. All you need to make sure is that the graphics you choose are unique. It is certainly important in this modern age that your package look more visible among the others. You can do different things in this regard. One of them is the color scheme alterations. You can choose a gradient color scheme that looks fascinating. It is also a great thing to make sure that your illustrations are wonderful. Using pictures of the item in a variety of ways is possible. Highlighting the borders of the window with colors or artwork is also important visual customization you can do. 

The personalized shape of a window

We know that it is possible to personalize custom window boxes in many ways. But customizing the shape of the window is something that you must consider. It is because many people just go with the rectangular or round shape in this regard. So, you can be the change-maker by choosing a unique shape. You can make the shape personalized with the product inside. It can also make the packaging amazing if the shape of this window is personalized according to specific events in the life of the target audience, like heart, tree, frightening shapes, and many more for different kinds of celebrations and occasions. 

Combination with inserts is beneficial

You must be wondering how inserts can be crucial when we talk about creative designing. Well, imagine that your window box is presenting the product. But your product is not in the position inside where it is easily seen by the customers. It is because it was not fixed at that place. Then comes the inserts like a holder. Now your product is inside a holder that is holding the product firmly inside. This thing is impressive as your item will remain at the place where the window is showing it to the customers. You can alter the shape of the holder to make it look more interesting. 

Appropriate lamination is essential

Lamination is vital these days. You can easily get the desired one when buying window boxes wholesale because suppliers can give you that option when buying bulk quantities. Vinyl laminations are amazing when you talk about providing moisture resistance to the packaging. There are different films in this regard like matte lamination is beneficial in this regard. You can also choose a glossy one for enhancing their visual appeal. Not just this, you can also get a linen texture vinyl film for this purpose. Gold or silver foil lamination is also exceptional for this purpose. Do not forget to seal the window with a clear vinyl sheet to enhance protection. This thing can help you in improving the appealing factor of your box.

The special quality looks appealing

Well, this one needs no special introduction. It is because all you need to do is to make sure that the quality of the material is quite amazing. It will help in making a lasting impact on the customers because people find the items more fascinating when they have good quality. An ordinary packaging can look great if the standard is impressive. And a superb design of the package might look poor due to normal standards. That is why you have to ensure the quality of the material. The thick and dense sheet can do the job. It is also a great thing to improve printing quality in this regard. 


It is important to consider the window boxes important in this modern age. Many people like to see a view of a product before they buy it. But it is more important that these packages are attractive and creative. That is why we have shown you 5 easy ways to make them creatively and appealingly.

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