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Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

A furnace is an essential part of any home. It keeps your home warm during cold winter days and improves the quality of indoor air. But the furnace won’t give you these benefits if it breaks down or stops working properly. So how do you know it's time for a repair? Here are some signs to watch out for if you want to avoid major issues down the road.

Yellow Flame

A yellow flame is a sign of incomplete or inefficient combustion. It could as well indicate your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas that can cause nausea, headaches, and in worst cases, death. In this case, it is important that you contact professional furnace service contractors near you or check Morris Jenkins and have them fix the yellow flame safely. 

High Energy Bill

If you’re paying more than usual for electricity, it could be because your furnace is not working properly. The first thing to check is the filter. Make sure that it's clean and not clogged with dust or dirt—a build-up of these materials can cause efficiency issues with your furnace and therefore increase your utility bill. If you can, replace the filter every two or three months.

The next thing to do is check that thermostat settings are correct -  this will help adjust the temperature in your home and prevent energy waste. You can also save money by insulating the walls, attic, and around doors and windows so that heat doesn't escape your rooms. Finally, consider getting a programmable thermostat—it will allow you to customize your heating system based on your habits and needs.

Abnormal Odor

If you notice a smell in your furnace, it’s time to call a repairman. The signs of an issue with your furnace can be subtle and hard to identify, but if you notice any of the following odors coming from inside your house or apartment, then it may need some attention:

  • Smell like gas or burning
  • Smell like oil
  • Smell like mold or mildew

It's important to note that there are different kinds of smells that could come from a heating system. For example, if there is an electrical issue nearby which causes an unusual amount of heat, the furnace may produce an electrical or a burning rubber smell.

Loud or Unusual Noises

Loud noise coming from the furnace could be a sign that the fan motor, blower wheel, belt need replacement. Do the following:

  • Check the alignment of the blower wheel. A harsh metal-against-metal sound means the blower wheel is not properly aligned. For optimum performance, have an HVAC technician fix this problem and clean the wheel as well.
  • Check the heat exchanger for cracks. When you don’t clean or change the filter as often as every three months, the furnace experiences restricted airflow and heat buildup that eventually cracks the heat exchanger.
  • Check that the blower motor is adequately lubricated. The blower motor is the part of your furnace that pushes heated air through some ducts into your home. When the motor is not sufficiently lubricated, it develops friction (hence the screeching sound) that could damage the entire furnace.  
  • Clean the filter. A dirty filter may be the culprit behind the harsh screeching or whistling sound from your furnace. Fortunately, you can clean or change the filter yourself.


If you’re experiencing any of the signs described above, it might be time to get your furnace checked out. When something is wrong with your furnace, you don’t want to wait until it breaks down in the middle of winter and realize that all the repairs cost more than the replacement would have. And while you can fix some issues yourself, it’s always a good idea to engage a technician, who can help with expert repairs and maintenance that your furnace needs.

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Syandita Malakar
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