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Watching Movies Online is Now a Great Entertaining for Movie Lovers

Watching movies online is the quickest and cheapest way to enjoy your favorite storylines and dive into different worlds. This has slowly, but surely become popular among movie fans from across the globe. No matter where they are, they tend to click on a site and start browsing for films they like to watch.

However, as more and more websites, which provide these services appear on the Internet, the danger and risk increases. Why? Well, the truth is that not all platforms are completely legit and honest when it comes to the things they are offering. That’s why you should be very cautious which one you use.

Luckily, there are some things you should consider to discover who you are dealing with. And here we will show them to you together with the best free websites to watch movies for free whenever and wherever you want. Stay with us!

Reasons to Watch Movies Online

Before we get to business, let’s take a look at some of the real reasons why people want to watch movies online so eagerly. Of course, money is the main reason for most of them. Since they can’t afford to go to the cinema often during the week or month due to the expensive tickets, they search for cheaper alternatives. Understandably, the Internet provides them with open arms.

Another reason is the ability to watch while sitting comfortably at home without having to go out and spend many hours in traffic or waiting in line to buy tickets. Especially when you are tired, this is the perfect thing.

Connected to this, online platforms are usually optimized for both big and small screens, so you won’t have any trouble watching video content on all your devices.

Things to Have in Mind

Once we’ve got the reasons settled, it’s time to turn to the websites you choose to watch on. Some are perfectly fine, lawful, and have legit movies and TV shows, but there are others that don’t abide by the law and contain dangerous content. It can take various forms, but the most common ones are advertisements that pop up all the time while you are on the site. In most cases, these trigger your antivirus software, so it’s better to stay away from the platform and leave it at once.

On the other hand, sometimes the interface can determine how trustworthy a platform is, as well. The more user-friendly and easier to navigate the design is, the better the site is for streaming and watching.

Not to mention that the number of offered videos in the collections also plays an important role as it shows you how able the platform is to gather and post flicks from all over the world.

Best Websites for Watching Free Movies Online

Finally, we came to the fun part. Here we present some of the top best websites for watching free movies online without worrying that any issues may arise.


When you first click on the site and are redirected to the homepage, you’ll notice the variety of collections it has. Among them are brand new movies as well as updated collections and a very rare one containing Asian flicks.

Going even further, you’ll notice that the content is separated by country and type. For example, movies are placed in different categories from the available TV shows.


Putlocker is one of those platforms where you can find your way around even with your eyes closed. Mainly, this is because of the big bar placed on the first page, allowing visitors to instantly type a title and see whether it’s in the site’s library.

Those that are clueless about the film they want to watch are free to explore the numerous categories filled with movies in all genres.

Sony Crackle

You’ll find some of the most famous flicks on Sony Crackle as this website is one of the highest rated ones. From blockbusters to chart-toppers and films with stars you know and love, you can take your time to pick a movie according to your preferences as well as your current mood.

What’s more, the quality of all movies is very high, so it’s a great experience to watch something there on a big monitor or your TV. However, Crackle is also known for some ads and commercials, which sometimes can appear more frequently than they do on other similar sites. Don’t worry, though, as they’re harmless and won’t do damage to your device.


All hottest hits that are still winning over the box office can be found on 123Movies. It’s a platform with a clear interface that shows the posters and plots of the flicks together with the duration and release date. Some of the most famous TV series are there, too.

What’s interesting is that you can select a category right from the homepage and wait to be redirected to a page with all the movies that are inside. Moreover, you can dive deeper into the ‘top viewed today’ or ‘latest’ categories in order to stay mindful of the videos everyone else watches.


Besides offering some very famous movies, Tubi’s specialty is related to movies separated into unusual categories such as ‘movies you won’t find on Netflix’, ‘best of British’, ‘women first’, ‘highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes’, and many others.

Another cool feature is the subtitles – you can easily enable them so that you don’t have to strain your ears to hear better while watching.

Big Five Glories

Classic movie fans, unite! Big Five Glories is among the sites where you won’t have the modern flicks, but rather the classic ones that had a huge impact worldwide. Some of the titles you’ll stumble upon here are The Birth of a Nation, The Scar, The Man Who Walked Alone, and such.

A specific thing is that all videos fall under the public domain. Guess what – there are even silent films for those who really want to go back into the history of cinematography.

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