Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Ways Technology Can Improve Your Business

Sometimes technology gets a bad reputation in our day. Yet, using technology we have to our advantage can really benefit us. When it comes to running a business there are so many different aspects to think of and to juggle. Technology actually helps in this area. Using technology in the right way can help you organize your business, improve your seo, establish good communication, and create success.


A big way technology can help with your organization is by synching all of your devices. If you connect your laptop, phone, watch, tablet, and anything else, it will help you coordinate better. Things that come along with running a business are meetings, deadlines, and projects. If you synch your devices and then use those devices, no matter where you are you can have at least one of those devices with you and you won’t forget anything. There are also many apps you can get that you can write your to-do list on. This is more beneficial than using pen and paper because you could lose that paper or just forget about it. The app will always be on your device and you can set reminders for yourself. Also, always having a device at the tip of your fingers is beneficial when you have a question. There are so many parts of a business that you have to deal with. Sometimes you really need to know how fast you can ship something to France. Stay organized and on task by just picking up your phone and googling that real fast.


People may think that technology is a distraction and decreases productivity. If used in the right way, it can have the opposite effect. For example, use technology to play music throughout your office. It has shown that playing music while you work keeps you engaged and motivated. I have had coworkers that have installed wireless security cameras in their homes so when they are worried about their family, kids, or home, instead of getting distracted with concern and calling someone to check in, they can go on their phone and check in on their home. Technology has advanced so much that we are lucky to be able to do things like this. Even just taking a break and being able to watch a funny YouTube video is very beneficial. Humans are not robots. We all need a little break every once in awhile or we are going to get burnt out pretty quickly.


Communication is the essence of human interaction. Within a business human interaction is not only inevitable, but it is really impossible to run a business without it. You have to communicate with your employees, co-workers, clients, other business, and really everyone. Learning how to effectively communicate is a huge game changer in the business world. Being friendly and personable is something you want so other people want to work with you. Technology these days has allowed our communication to be enhanced. We can know video chat instead of just calling on the phone. This is a huge benefit because whoever you are communicating with being able to see your facial expressions and hand gestures makes you a lot more personable. Being more personable leads to better business. On the other hand, the technology of being able to send a quick email right from your phone is also very handy. Running your own business is a 24/7 gig and when you are at a family party and you have people trying to get ahold of you, sending an email is convenient.

Staying in the game and keeping up with our ever-changing world is vital in the business world. Having a business comes with the need to always be improving and always finding ways to do things more efficiently and effectively. Honing into the technological advancements of our day and utilizing those is key to improving your business.

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