Ways to Bring in New Employees


Employee recruitment is an essential component to the success of any organization. As a company begins to expand, the need for more employees grows, and it is important to find the right employee(s) for vacancies. While this process can be both expensive and time consuming, the investment is worth it when the right people are in place to help the company run at its highest level.

Be Clear with Job Descriptions

As you prepare to post vacancies, be sure that job descriptions are clear and concise. It can be maddening for a job seeker to read a job description that leaves them scratching their head. This is also a great way to ensure that the right candidates apply for the position.

Examine Mistakes

When looking for new employees, a good place to start is determining why the previous employee(s) left. Was there something that the company could have done to prevent this? If the answer is yes, then think about repairing this area so that you are able to keep good talent with the company.


Identify your culture

A key contributor for why many organizations cannot keep certain positions filled is because they make the mistake of hiring individuals who do not fit with the company culture. This can be frustrating (and time consuming) for most hiring managers who have to constantly deal with a revolving door of personnel. This can be combated by knowing what you stand for as an organization and seeking out the people that can effectively carry out that vision.

Components of Your Recruitment Strategy

What can often be the driving force behind luring someone away from their current position is offering them something that their current employer does not. Perhaps this can be a better benefits package, stock options in the company, or providing flexible scheduling options. Injecting new life into your recruitment strategy can be a big help in keeping positions filled.

Work-Life Balance

A common complaint among most people as that they spend too much time at work and not enough with their families. This quickly burns employees out and will push them out of the door if it occurs long enough. A good place to start in this area of your recruitment strategy is to poll your current employees and gain honest feedback from them in this area. You may be surprised at what you discover.

Employee Recognition Programs

During the recruitment process, it would be wise to stress the importance of employee recognition. A great deal of people often leave a job because of the simple fact that they do not feel appreciated enough. Inconsistent positive feedback influences the mood of the workplace and the business as a whole. While recruiting employees, be sure to emphasize how your company thrives in this area. New best practices for employee recognition programs offer incentives to employees to encourage more productivity.

Growth and Development

An additional area to be mindful of during the recruitment process is how each employee can reach her or his full potential. The goal should ideally be for each person to grow in their position and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to benefit the organization and themselves in the future. No one wants to stay in a position where their greatest potential remains untapped.

Determine Interview Strategy

For each vacancy, be mindful of your interview process as well. Would you like to do a panel interview for one candidate, or would you like to do have group interviews so that you are able to get the right candidate faster? Depending on the urgency of each vacancy, this is something to keep in mind also.

Ask the right questions

During the interview process, you must be careful to ask questions that gauge the candidate’s functional knowledge of the job that they would be doing. This will require out of the box thinking that challenges the candidate, but not intimate them.

Keep in contact

There may be no faster way to lose an excellent candidate than suddenly cutting off contact with them.  The job search process is stressful enough for candidates without worrying if anyone is ever going to respond to them. Human Resources departments are under a great deal of pressure. But it is very much appreciated by an applicant when they are acknowledged.

Bringing in new employees is a process that must be done the right way in order to get the right person. Self examination is a big premise on ensuring that you land an employee that fits your culture and can perform at the highest level. Showing candidates the areas where your company stands out will make all the difference as you seek to fill your organization with people that will take it to new heights.