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Ways To Check Land Records Online In Karnataka


The purpose of the Digital India Mission was to bring transparency and accountability in all the Government procedures, while maintaining a record of all the actions. Karnataka took the first leap and participated by digitalising land records under the “Bhoomi Project”, which helped farmers to access their land record copies to apply for loans.

The record shows that online mortgage loan providers were able to grow their market share by up to 8% in 2018, which was mainly possible because of the digital transformation. With this change, it became easier to improve and monitor land records, minimise the chance of land disputes, achieve fast transactions, and also reduce costs. Due to the transparent process of the online Bhoomi project, people became more inclined towards opting for home loans.

Bhoomi RTC portal – A convenient way to utilise Digital India Campaign

Ever since the Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) got introduced, it became easier to track land records, conduct necessary surveys and maintain transparency regarding the same. As Karnataka remained at the forefront to make use of this scheme, people were able to check their transactions and records to further opt for loans.

The Government of Karnataka took the initiative to help individuals check their Record of Rights (RTCs) along with the Central Government and named it “Bhoomi” project. Even though several Bhoomi offices were set in various parts of the state, the Karnataka Government also introduced a portal to access the database of Bhoomi online to make the process hassle-free.

There is a wide range of services one can get through this portal, which includes RTC verification through XML, revenue maps, maintaining i-records of RTC, etc. All these benefits allow people to further go for home loans as proper maintenance make the sanction process easier. However, one needs to be aware of the home loan process in India to reap maximum benefits.

How to use Bhoomi online portal to check land records?

In order to check the land records from the Karnataka Government, one is required to use the Bhoomi RTC online portal to begin the process.

Step 1. Log in to the official website of Karnataka Government.            

Step 2. Click on ‘Bhoomi’ which is under the projects tab.

Step 3. There will be an option called services, choose ‘Citizen Services’ under that.

Step 4. Now click on ‘RTC’.

Step 5. This part will require personal details, like name, email id, contact number, and Aadhaar number.

Step 6. At the top left, there will be two options such as ‘Current Year’ or ‘Old Year’, choose accordingly.

Step 7. Also, provide land details like district, village, taluk, survey number, surnoc, hissa number, etc.

Step 8. Choose the ‘Fetch Details’ button to get RTC records. One can also download these records for future requirements.

Benefits of Bhoomi portal for Farmers

With the help of Bhoomi online parihara, it has become easier to obtain RTC copies by providing information like the land’s plot number or the name of the owner. One can also check missed i-RTC online with the help of this online portal. With so many convenient options, people can easily opt for home loans and easily monitor their land records to stay updated.

This portal is helpful for those who have been trying to obtain land-related documents and records for a long time. Using Bhoomi online portal, farmers can also apply for loans for personal purposes, including home construction. In those cases, they also need to research and use a home loan emi calculator before taking a home loan.

Renowned NBFCs also provide pre-approved offers to make financing less time-consuming. These offers can be availed for various products such as home loans, loans against property, etc. You only need to provide your name and contact number to check your pre-approved offers.

Digital modernisation has been extremely useful because of so many unique benefits and hassle-free experiences. The transparency and responsibility in the property-related activities also made it convenient for people who are interested in buying houses. These detailed reports are beneficial for monitoring the land activities and finally finding a perfect time to buy a dream home.

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