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Ways To Decorate An Outdoor Event In Bangkok, Thailand

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For any outdoor event you may wish to hold in Bangkok Thailand, don't stress over where you will get the decoration materials as the city has a vast choice of decoration ideas and materials that can make your outdoor event unmatched. Light fixtures, paintings, wood art, statues, balcony plants, parasol umbrella, and invites are some of the decoration ideas you can consider.  Consider the event budget, backup for bad weather, first aid supplies, and the type of event that will enable the smooth running of the event.

Parasol umbrella

Their immense variety in terms of materials, designs, and color have made them so popular in the city. They protect you from the scorching sun, can be used as a ceiling or aisle decor, and as a photographic prop. They can also be a beautiful message for your thank yo

u card for your guests.

They are constructed from delicate fabrics such as plastic, lace, cotton, linen, canvas, and silk, therefore, can be supported by plastic, metal, or wooden pole.


In every form of style, shape, and size imaginable, you can find statuary that concurs with your event or personal preference. Location, size, groupings, material, and style are the factor you consider when selecting your statuary. You can choose from a wide variety of skytube umbrella statues, cheerful cherubs, dancing bears, fanciful unicorns, and mythological characters. However, if you are searching for a skytube shop in Thailand you may try local term like สกายทูป in order to find a local store

Key materials such as lead, concrete, plaster, bronze, stone, metal, clay, and cast stone are the popular materials used to create the statues. To create a sense of balance in your outdoor space, the piece shouldn't be too small or large as it can have an underwhelming or overwhelming effect respectively.

Light fixtures

If the ambiance of the event is dark, light fixtures can come in handy not only to provide light but also as a decorative piece, to boost the aesthetic appeal of the event. Sconces and lanterns can be used to emphasize architectural features and highlight greenery and floral areas in the outdoor space. Where natural light is required, a skytube can also be used to penetrate light.

 LED lights can also be installed for your outdoor lighting needs either commercial, industrial, or residential. The outdoor lighting fixtures should blend in well with the surroundings, therefore, choose a relevant color. When choosing your outdoor lights it is important to consider the: security lights, hanging and ceiling lights, landscape lights, pier and post mount lights, and wall lights.

Wood art

Wood art pieces create a unique aesthetic appeal and can be in form of sculptures, statues, carvings, fences outdoor, and visual art. Picture frames, bird boxes, mural, rain boots, bottles, wooden shutter, pot plants, and fairy lights can be used as outdoor fence art which can be customized to fit in with your event. A wooden horse skytube and sculpture arts can also be used to decorate your outdoor event.            Most wood art pieces can be DIY projects as its cheap and easy.


To add an extra pop of color and catch the eyes of your guests, paintings can come in handy. The variety form that paintings can be found makes them ideal for any outdoor event. You can also send a message through the painting in a glimpse of an eye. 


For any outdoor event to be complete, offering a drink or feeding your guests should be a priority. Small charcuterie boards with appeal and big flavor will be the talk of your event as nowadays no one wants their food skimmed and shifted by hands that aren't theirs. Have domes that will not only perfect but also protect your food.                                                                                                                                                                                                      







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