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Ways to get rid of that awful smell in your kitchen sink

Having an awful smell from your kitchen sink is a common thing faced by every other person. This usually happens due to food particles or grease, which goes in the drain. The disturbing smell makes it uncomfortable to work in the kitchen and also is bad for hygiene. Many people use sink strainer or garbage disposal for such purposes, but it also gives a foul smell. Imagine, one fine morning, you wake up with this awful smell and found yourself clueless. Not only you, but it provides a filthy impression on your friends and relatives visiting your house. The scent is enough to spoil your day and give you a headache while cooking your meal. Worry not!! This article will let you know some tricks to fix smelly drains and make them clean.

1. Boiling water with dish soap

Make your sink full with hot water and add soap to make it a soapy water solution. Try flushing the disposal with this solution, and it may work out. Always try putting the stopper in your sink and pour some hot water into it. Now pour some drops of soap and let the disposal turn out by unplugging the sink. The water will flush out with the removal

2. Ice cubes, salt, and lemons peels

If the first trick didn't work out successfully for you, the other step which you can try is to check that your disposal blades are not choked and straightforward to avoid any blockage from food particles. Now prepare a mixture with  ice cubes,  salt, and lemon, which will act as a power punch. The ice will knock the food off, whereas the salt will be used as a scrubber on the sides. For better results, keep repeating the procedure and lastly add some freshness by adding lemons peels.

3. Vinegar with lemon and ice cubes

The third method will work as a shortcut. You need to freeze the lemon wedges into  vinegar and now pour the solution into the disposal. Start by slicing the lemons into the quarter size and place them on muffin cups. Now pour some distilled vinegar and let them freeze overnight. Take out the cubes  and remove the disposal. Turn out the solution  by running a water into low stream.

4. Boiling water with Baking soda

Boiling water has a great power to make your problem solve away. If you have boiled your drinking water or tea, don't just left it to cool out. Instead, you can pour it into the sink, and it will help in a milder drain smell. It also clears the junk of older pipes from within. You can also add bubbling baking soda with white vinegar. The solutions help in killing the bacteria and helps in removing the stink. This works well, especially with the people living in a humid climate. One needs to spare just 15 mins upon it every six weeks. You can also replace the vinegar with lemons.

5. Baking soda, essential oils, and hot water

For dealing with a terrible smell, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, followed by half cup of baking soda. The scent of essential oils enriched with eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint can make your kitchen smell appealing. You can also add some hot vinegar with this solution. You can also randomly sprinkle some baking soda near the drain once a week. If you are out of town, make sure to follow this procedure.


The tricks mentioned above are worth it for giving a try. These home remedies have been working for years and have proved to be very useful. If your problem is vast and cannot be tackled, then you contact the plumber to clean your sink from the root level by removing all the dirt within it. But once you are done with that, keep trying these procedures to avoid such circumstances in the future. The ingredients are readily available in your home and don't require any extra effort for carrying them.

Which of these tips — or any others not listed here! — have you worked for your smelly sink drains?

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