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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Math at Home

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Math is indeed a complex subject, but another actual truth is that everything exists around this earth is math. That's why whether you like it or not, but if we talk about India specifically, it's the core subject that every kid has to adapt to a certain age. And that's the reason, why students must have early access to getting the proper math training. If being a responsible parent, you want your kid to be well versed about the math subject then you must know the precise ways of teaching maths to the students at home. 

If you are worried parents who want your kids to learn maths at home then here are some best and easy tips that you can find to help your kids learn math at home without any hassle. 

1. Enrol your kids to 10on10 Math

10on10 Math is a home learning math reinforcement program that helps your kids to learn maths at home in an easy and efficient manner. Our monthly math kits comprise of workbooks and project-based activities that are great to keep a child engaged while helping them develop a strong understanding of the math concepts and provide the necessary reinforcement to go hand in hand with their school education.

The program is designed by IIT’ians & math experts with a goal of teaching young students interesting and unusual math topics not typically covered in the standard school curriculum. So when you think of your kids learning math at home, you should primarily think of 10on10 Math. 

2. Involve your kids in the grocery shopping

Each home has a common practice of buying monthly grocery from the shops. Though it may sound a bit unusual to associate grocery shopping with your kids learning, this is the easiest and fun way to help your kids to learn the basic skills of maths. You can enlist your children to help you count out the stuff and grocery things like you need 9 tomatoes, can you help me find the nine tomatoes. Also, there are more fun ways like buying a specific amount of chocolates and ask your kids to count the same. 

3. Let your kids pay the bills

When you are at the shop, ask them to pay the small bills of hundreds of two hundred rupees. Give them money in change and ask them to count the money and pay for the same. Show your kids how to figure out which coin you need for small purchases. You can also put them in a low-pressure situation like paying for lunch and buying specific pieces of stuff. 

4. Play a number specific game 

Since we are living in the digital era, there are plentiful specific games you can enrol your kids into. Also, you can find the mid-level, counting games which consist of the games ranging from 1 to 100 counting’s along with the demo based examples and fun sample gaming factors. Also, there are various types of games that include counting spaces. You can even make your own board game together, write the numbers on the spaces and use stickers to signify the meaning of different spaces for the additional fun. 

5. Ask them interesting questions

Growing kids are very excited about when they are asked the questions frequently. For instance, you can ask your kids how old they are or what's their age, where do they live, the lane number, street number, etc. You can also ask mathematical puzzles. Since they are interested in growing bigger, they will more likely be interested in answering your question wherein the practice will not enhance their math skills but also boost their intellectual level. 

Apply these techniques and see your kids be math friendly.

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