Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Ways to Improve Your Computer Workstation

We spend most of our lives hunched in front of a computer. Being at work for most people mean being in front of a computer. When we come back home, we read the news and stream music, once more, in front of a computer.

Therefore, your usual workstation with the computer should be in tip-top shape most of the day to accommodate frequent use. Here are some of the things you can do to improve your computer workstation and eliminate most of the usual annoyances:

Buy a Chair with Height Adjustment

Do you have to bend over to see the screen when you are seated? That might mean the chair is too high for the computer desk. On the other hand, if you have to reach up to comfortably type, you might have a chair that’s too low. The screen must be at eye-level for people to use the computer comfortably without experiencing any physical pain.

Sometimes we might require more height or less depending on what we do. For example, if you are streaming a movie, you might prefer to lean back and enjoy the show. If you are typing, on the other hand, you might lean in as you concentrate. Therefore, buy a chair for your computer workstation that can be adjusted for height.

A Small Sound System


Is your computer desk a mess because of small space? Do you have trouble moving away from the computer because the wired earphones and speakers are no long enough? You can eliminate most of these problems by buying small Focal Speakers.

Using a Bluetooth focal speaker can save space and get rid of weird speaker from now on. You can work or play without being tethered to the computer. You can use the Bluetooth gadget to stream music up to 30 feet away from your computer as well. These speakers are comfortable, easy to store, and will never cause a wire tangle on the desk ever again.

Get a USB Hub

You probably use a dozen or so USB connected devices with your computer. Wireless devices, smart phones, music players, and a myriad of other devices now have USB connections. However, most computers do not come with more than two or three USB hubs.

You can charge or connect more devices at once with a USB hub. These hubs are available a variety of shapes and sizes. But all USB hubs have one thing in common—these will help you organize your USB-powered gadgets more easily. A high-quality USB hub would eliminate the need to plug in and unplug gadgets to free up port space.

Buy a Keyboard Tray

If you type a lot, a keyboard tray can help you eliminate wrist fatigue. Keyboard trays elevate the keyboard to so that typing is a lot more comfortable. You can reduce wrist strain and get work done much faster.

Ideally, the flat surface of the keyboard should be able to reach the level of your elbow. This doesn’t happen at most desks, so a tray would definitely help.

Use the above suggestions, and gadgets, to improve the area in your home you are most likely to spend time at.

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