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Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Work-life Balance

Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Work-life Balance

The present-day corporate structure believes in empowering employees by giving them ownership of their work. At times, it works negatively for them. To excel professionally, they end up hampering their work-life balance. The employees juggle between striking a balance in relations with the client, their friends and family. Some fall prey of unhealthy lifestyle as well. With passing time, the employees become incapable of delivering work efficiently and tend to take the pending work back home. This, in return, is a reason for stress and unworthy friction in the household.

To fix the issue in consideration, studies have found that engaging the employees in interesting ways to complete their work will cater to the major chunk of the issues. To motivate them to achieve their goal, one can set realistic goals for the team. On achieving the set target, the employee or the team can be rewarded with employee benefits that can be used pan-India. In a study, it was observed that monetary reward ranked as the first-place stimulus. Here’s how such activities help:

  • Increased Productivity: In a survey, it was found that 69 per cent of the people would work with their entire heart and soul if their efforts were better appreciated. People like to be recognized for the work they have done.
  • Increased Engagement Levels: Companies that use strategic recognition are 48% more likely to experience high employee engagement rates. However, it is important to ensure that the interactive activities do not hamper the timelines.
  • Increased Motivation: It is important because 53% of employees stood by the fact that “respect for their knowledge and experience” ranks top on their priority list. By implementing an employee recognition program, leaders can praise employees for their abilities better and increase motivation to develop them further.

One way how employees can be motivated is by giving employee rewards as a token of appreciation. Rewards vary from employee to employee. As the requirements of different individual differ, a uniform gift that can be brought to personal use can be a good option. Sodexo offers personalized Gift Cards. The Sodexo Premium Pass is a Gift Card that is accepted at 2 million retail outlets pan India on the RuPay network. Apart from using it in stores, it can be used online across 90,000 leading portals like Amazon, Myntra, Swiggy and more. It is an intelligently designed tax complaint solution.

Now that it is known that Sodexo’s employee benefits are the best for the employee, it’s time to shift to the premium gifting and rewarding solution of all times!

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