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Ways to increase employee productivity

Good employee productivity and bad employee productivity can be the difference between success and failure. Being a workplace that encourages employee productivity not only sees happier and more motivated members of staff, but also creates a culture of proactive behaviour – a culture in which everyone not only works but wants to work.

By making simple changes, every business can benefit from increasing employee productivity.

Ensure you have the right equipment

A recent study by Sharp discovered that the average UK office worker wastes at least 21 days as a direct result of slow or inefficient technology. Implement a BPM solution that will let you overlook all projects and employees so that you can spot discrepancies easily. By investing in equipment that is fit for purpose you’ll see an increase in employee productivity, as well as a decrease in staff frustration. Investing in technology should be done regularly, not when equipment starts to fail, and staff productivity starts to decrease again.

Make life more convenient

We spend the majority of our lives at work, so it’s important to foster an environment that makes life easier for your employees. And an effective way to do this is to make life more convenient, this can be anywhere from inviting a car valet company to clean employee cars once a month to having companies like Allied Autocare service their car in the office car park. This simple method means your employees will be able to spend their free time doing what they actually want, instead of undertaking mundane life tasks. Little benefits like this can make a massive difference in your employees lives, rather than having to spend 3 hours in a garage on a Saturday it can be done while they are sitting at their desks.

Improve work conditions

Ensure your work environment is comfortable, from the heating and lighting to the seating and dining areas. Think about your employees needs and ensure their working environment is as comfortable as possible – especially if they’re sitting at a desk. Ensuring the office is around 21C means your staff will be at a comfortable working temperature, much higher or lower and you may see productivity decrease and allow as much natural light as possible. Employees who have more exposure to natural light can increase productivity and creativity, it can also help with migraines and eye strain if your employees are looking at screens all day. Another idea is to encourage your employees to take their lunch away from their desks, this can increase their workload when they are working and will give them a chance to get away from their screens and look at something else. Going for a walk and getting some fresh air can really encourage workers after lunch, it will help everyone feel more positive and motivated throughout the day.

 Give praise

Appreciation is a fundamental human need, and by simply praising your employees not only are you filling this natural desire, but you are demonstrating that you value them. Employees who know they are valued, increase their productivity as well as their desire to maintain or even improve their work. Uncovering how your staff like to be rewarded will help your employee levels of productivity.  Employees are more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty if they know they are more than just a number to their managers.

A successful business is the sum of all its parts, and that includes employee productivity. Implementing small changes illustrates your commitment to your employees and helps foster a feeling of community.

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