Ways to Increase Instagram Followers



Instagram has become a must place for the social presence of many brands, attracting profitable audiences to landing pages, with rising conversions and developing an engaged audience. If you don’t have a robust Instagram presence, then you should sharpen your strategies to get real and organic traffic for you. The more followers you have, the higher opportunities you have to engage with users and develop better experiences. However, the number on your Instagram following you will mean nothing if they don’t engage with you and visit your landing pages or advocate your brand with friends. Hence, you need to build your presence with real and organic followers.

Here are some ways to increase Instagram followers:

1.      Optimize your Insta account

Before you set your goal to gain followers on Instagram, a major step you should take is to fully optimize your account. Consider your Instagram bio as the homepage.


Without a bio, right username, image caption, how will your followers know that the account belongs to your company or brand? Your Instagram bio and image helps in setting the base of your brand identity. The link in the bio will drive your Instagram traffic to your website.

Make sure you keep your username simple, search –friendly and easy to remember. If your business name is long, then shorten it to something. Do not add too many special characters or numbers to your username.

2.      Maintain a consistent content calendar

The biggest mistake you can do while trying to increase your followers on Insta is put at random hours. If you are lucky to get some followers in the start, then you don’t want them to forget you.

Hence, you should post regularly. Brands shouldn’t post more than 3-4 times in a day to avoid span, but whatever you post, it should be consistent. There is no best time to post content on your account, but you can obviously choose the early hours and late hours.

3.      Schedule the posts in advance

Posting the right content at the right time will give your posts higher visibility by enhancing the overall engagement. You can schedule your Instagram post in advance to reach your audience and maintain a regular flow of content.

4.      Make brand advocates post your content

If you want to grow your followers, it is important to value your audience. The higher your followers grow, the more buyers and potential clients you will have. The best way to make people follow you is to be present in front of them. However, you may not be present in front of them all the time. So, you can opt for sponsoring user generated content. Hiring an influencer to promote your brand is a great way to increase your followers. You can also hold contests to make your brand reach a larger audience.

5.      Avoid fake followers

There is a major difference between fake and legit followers. You can buy real Instagram followers to increase your organic follower growth. Real people have the capability to share, like, comment and engage with your posts and they will show interest in your brand and products. So, you should find out how to buy real Instagram followers and pick a feasible package for yourself. Check and compare the packages and then go for one that suits you best.


What made Instagram so popular is it’s user-friendly experience and other lot of unique features. In fact, the most popular. However, interface and features are not the only reason why the app is so much popular. There is one more reason, and that is it gave people the chance to become famous. And this is where Instagram followers plays a very important role. Like any other social media network, followers amount is the main thing that matters the most. Without a fan base, there wouldn't be popular Instagram personalities. This is the reason growing Instagram followers are very important these days. You do it naturally or buy it, it’s your choice.


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