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Ways to Keep Your ATV or UTV in Peak Condition

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ATVs and UTVs are often viewed as fun vehicles used only for recreational purposes. Whereas these machines can be helpful in other ways too. You can use them for mowing your loans, in your farmland, plowing snow, etc. but these fun vehicles have many practical uses too. 

All you need to is ensure that the machines are at their best conditions whenever you take them out for a ride. Here are some ways to ensure that your ATV is in good condition:

Check oil before every ride

Make sure to check the level of engine oil in your ATV before you take it out for a spin. This is one of the most common things that people tend to forget or they simply neglect this aspect of ATV care. But this is a very important step in ATV Bike care and maintenance. Checking the engine oil regularly will ensure that the ATV’s engine is not being overloaded and there is no extra pressure on the motor of the ATV. in most cases the engine gets overworked and this causes a burnout. In those conditions most owners have to get their ATV replaced altogether. So to avoid any such condition make sure to check up on the engine oil of your ATV regularly. If the engine oil is too dirty or has turned completely black and has lost its thick viscous nature then it is time to replace engine oil of your ATV. 

Check the tyre tread and tyre pressure

ATVs are used for different purposes. Most of the ATV owners are off road enthusiasts and use their ATVs as such. This causes the treadings on the tyres of the ATV to burn out and the tyres lose their grip. This can be potentially dangerous for the riders. If the tyres of your ATv lose their treads then you will not be able to go off-roading with the ATV. Also, if the tyre pressure is low in your ATV or the four tyres have unequal air pressure then your tyre will wear out soon and the mileage of your ATV would also be affected. Thus, to ensure stability and have proper control of your ATv on different terrains make sure that the tyres are properly inflated and have good markings on them.

Use good fuel

ATVs give their optimal performance when they are fed high quality fuel. High octane and high quality fuel enhances the performance of your off road machines. The fuel might be a bit more costly than the normal fuel but this way you will be able to keep your ATv running for a long time and ultimately you will cover your investment costs.

Spark plugs

In addition to the engine oil of your ATV keep an eye on the spark plugs too. Over time the spark plugs get faulty due to oxidation. They are subjected to various kinds of emissions daily and these gases can cause your spark plug to lose power. A low power spark plug will cause problems for your ATV and you will not be able to churn out maximum power. Worn out spark plugs reduce the amount of power your ATV’s engine can yield. This can become a problem on steep terrains. Thus make sure that you check the spark plugs regularly and change them when necessary.

Changing spark plugs is quite an easy and inexpensive process. There is just one electrical wire to which your spark plug is connected. You will have to unscrew a few nuts and you can replace the old spark plug with a new one. The general recommendation is to change the spark plugs after 100 hours of active usage, provided that the engine of the UTVor the ATV is working fine.

Check electrical wiring

While we are at the topic of spark plugs and power, do not forget to check the electrical wiring of your ATV. if the wiring of your ATV is not done properly then it may cause engine failure and in the worst case any loose wires may also give you an electric shock.

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