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Ways to Make Money Online Not Thought Of

While the Corona pandemic has left most of us shaken and stirred, one good that has come out of this evil is the unprecedented premium people have started placing on making money and having it saved either for rainy days or to realize all their hitherto unrealized dreams (of course, once the pandemic subsides). 


How do you bulk up your stash?


It’s good to have a steady job, but how do you bulk up your stash for that vacation you want to take once the pandemic frenzy settles? 


There are several exciting ways to make money online not thought of. A side income is now just a few taps and swipes away on your tablet, laptop or smartphone. The bonus income requires effort, but the monetary benefits are lucrative and eliminate the need for paying for commute or office rent. 


Making a foray into the world of live cam sites


One of the bonus income avenues gaining huge popularity is live cam sites


Making a foray into the webcam world can seem intimidating at first, as young people with no experience or exposure can feel lost in the challenges and glamour of the online entertainment industry. The idea is to look at it like you would while mingling at a party. You don’t immediately start jabbering your heart and mind out to strangers, and make your presence conspicuous by slowly and steadily building up the interest and taking the interaction and engagement to the next level. 


A webcam takes pictures or shoots videos in real-time. A laptop camera may not exactly be the best choice in terms of picture quality or resolution. Investing in a stand-alone webcam and a microphone would be a good idea. 


There are live cam sites that support streaming, and it offers the models and performers recurring side income. 


On these entertainment sites, the performers can choose to chat, perform private shows, to entertain the users. These sites take a cut from the profits the cam performers make but also offer a lucrative amount and a form of protection. 


This is caveated only with picking the legit live cam site. Also, it is usually the quality of the performance that determines if the performer would get repeat clients and nice side money. 


Relevant points to consider before you deep-dive into the hustle


  • Deciding on the commission in form of tips and tokens

  • What is the level of commitment while getting into an agreement?

  • Do they accept men, only women, or couples?

  • Are they a legit studio with a good reputation?

  • How much traffic does the website attract?

  • Does the website offer some privacy or option to hide your location?

  • How do they pay their models?


If performing on live cam sites does not align with your area of interest and passion, there are few other great ways that promise hefty money. 


A few other ways to make significant side money


A few other approaches you can take to make money online are creating tutorial or review videos and building an audience, with compelling content and engaging personality. You can either set up a website with ads and keep videos free or upload the videos to YouTube and earn online with YouTube Partner Program. Or you can buy dividend stocks and earn passive income from dividends sharing.


If you consider yourself as an expert on a subject, you can create knowledgeable online tutoring videos and choose to connect to students in real-time or upload a pre-recorded video session. You can get a podcast up and running, or try drop-shipping where a customer places an order for a product, you purchase it from a third party, and then ship it to the customer. All this without forking a single dime over maintaining inventory. 


Another creative avenue of making money online is selling your photos on Shutterstock or Getty Images. These stock photography websites are a huge repository of images that sell images to websites. Tapping into your content writing skills for a blog or an e-book can also reap long term monetary benefits, that perhaps earlier seemed like a distant possibility.


Hopefully, our insights would set your creative juices flowing and set you on building an interesting alternative career trajectory. The world of possibilities is exploding, all you need to do is, reimagine the possibilities. 

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta is an SEO expert,writer and blogger with a strong passion for writing. He shares views and opinions on a range of topics such as Business, Health/Fitness, Lifestyle, Parenting and lot more. For More Information Visit Here : The Prime Review
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