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Ways To Maximise Warehouse Space With High-Density Storage Cabinets

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Warehouses utilise and require large amounts of storage space to hold the vast amount of inventory they stock on-site. Running out of storage space can be a common issue, whether it’s from not using the existing storage space efficiently, having too much overstock or incorrectly managing its inventory levels. To help out, here are some of the main ways to maximise your warehouse storage space with high density storage cabinets.

  • A Big Clean

The first point on this list is also the most obvious. It’s very easy for businesses, especially warehouses, to have more space than they realise due to areas not being properly tidied up of their clutter such as inventory or old records and paperwork. This is also where high density storage cabinets can play a big role in maximising the storage space without the need for additional floor space. Discarding of any unneeded items and consolidating leftover inventory into high density storage cabinets such as plan file cabinets and swing door cabinets, will not only provide additional storage space without taking up extra room but will also make more efficient use of your existing storage space.

  • Having Visible Inventory

It can be a common issue for warehouses to have duplicate stock or ‘dead stock’ due to over-ordering. This is normally the result of either not correctly labelling stock or not having inventory clearly labelled. High density storage cabinets such as Solander box cabinets provide the additional benefit of labelling each shelf and cabinet for easy reference of stock and inventory, as well as having a pull out reference shelf to quickly view stored items. Stored stock can also be clearly accessed during stocktake and when conducting regular inventory management duties.

  • Repurposing The Storage Space

Re-evaluating the existing storage space is another great way to increase the warehouse storage space. Whether it’s the walls or shelves, the entire storage area needs to be evaluated to ensure that the correct storage solution is in place. For example, can the wall shelving be brought closer together or does it even need to be there? Instead of using shelves as storage space, it could be more beneficial to remove the shelves and implement high density storage cabinets instead. This way, they can hold much more inventory, be clearly labelled and can take up less storage space by not needing the wall space.

  • Upgrade Your Storage Solutions

Another great tip to maximising your storage space without having to expand is by upgrading your current storage solutions. Is what you are currently using the most effective and efficient storage solution? Could going smaller still provide the same results? Is pallet racking the best solution or could high-density storage cabinets such as tambour door cabinets hold the same amount of inventory while taking up less room?

If you are running out of warehouse storage space and don’t want to expand, then high density storage cabinets can provide many benefits. Search online for a storage system provider today.

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