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Ways To Prevent Disease In The Rainy Season

As the rainy season protects us from the heat of the sunlight but it brings many diseases too. So today, I have shared with you some of the ways to prevent colds. Hopefully keeping these things in mind will allow you to enjoy the rainy season.


First of all, we have to be aware. All the time, we have to get out of the bag with rainy stuff. Rainy stuff means umbrellas, raincoats for kids, waterproof shoes, etc. If you understand these, you can avoid cold sore fever first.

Keep Your Hands Clean:

Rain does bring different germs. Most of the time it enters our bodies with our hands, while eating food.


What are raincoats made of? A raincoat made of waterproof fabric. Waterproof fabric adhesive, lubrication and plastic film etc. for raincoat. Modern raincoats are breathable, usually made of nylon and gore-tex. Alluring raincoats are good for humans, wear moisture from the raincoat and increase comfort levels. Wearing raincoat can prevent many diseases during rainy season.

Rainwear Clothing the Zhou Dynasty of China is called Raincoat Vanilla "Be Li", which is known as Kooru Bo Shi, a type of traditional rain gear that is used in ice, cold, wind, sun, etc. Farmers and fishermen area In the Sui dynasty, a razkot was made of oil. A raincoat made of silk from the Tong Dynasty. A raincoat made of modern useful rubber cloth.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C makes our immune system very strong, so eating vitamin C during the rainy season is very beneficial.

Drink plenty of water:

Eating water but helps our body's immune system fights the outside germs. Water helps to release harmful bacteria from the body.

Outside of the house, many days of freezing water needs to be cleaned:

The mosquitoes or other bacteria in the frozen water outside the house lay eggs. It is very important to clean the flower tub or any other pot where the water has been frozen for several days.

If it gets wet in the rain, you should come home and bathe:

When it rains, our body suddenly changes in temperature. Taking a bath now filters the temperature and helps our body recover to its normal temperature.

Stay away from allergic foods or substances:

Allergic eating or substance but called cold. So stay away from strong mosquitoes, deodorant, incense, wash. Try not to eat allergic foods. Stay away from cold water or intense air-conditioned housing. Homemade maggi will be amazing during rainy season.

Cold water or acute air-conditioned cells make our body more vulnerable. Honey, basil leaves, raisins, ginger, garlic. Honey, basil leaves, raisins, ginger, garlic is all these things but removes cold sore fever from the rainy season.

Hot soup or tea, coffee:

Some of the hot liquid species warms our body quickly and protects us from colds, headaches, fever. So try to drink a light hot drink when the house is wet with rain.


After taking all these steps and if the body is bad for several days, it is very important to have a checkup with the doctor so that the doctor will show up at the beginning without wasting time.


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