Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Ways to Protect Your Business During Lockdown

Events occurring in the world very often affect the development of business and its economic component. In order not to get into a difficult financial situation, sometimes you need to keep your finger on the pulse in relation to changes. 

Legal Advice to Protect Your Business During the Pandemic and Quarantine

A reasonable solution would be to limit the number of employees in the enterprise, for example, to keep only the most essential and key specialists. And also to warn visitors about the limited access to the premises.

Many, for example, pharmacies, supermarkets, and hospitals have created so-called markings of the premises using various tapes and have installed warning messages about the observance of the distance between visitors. It is also prudent to provide workers in contact with customers with protective items (gloves, masks, etc.). From a legal point of view, although such actions are not regulated, they create an additional argument for the employer in terms of protecting their employees.

One of the ways to correctly suspend or maintain your business during quarantine is to change the operating mode of your enterprise: sending workers to remote work from home or to quarantine.

The last few months have become a real test for business – the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies around the world to rebuild, and some of them even stop their activities. Many companies shared their experience of getting out of this crisis with minimal losses and developing a strategy for monitoring the state of employees based on the experience gained.

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How to Protect Your Team?

Preserving human resources and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 among employees are the main tasks that the company should set for itself during the pandemic. Here is the list of possible measures that will help achieve this:

  • Prohibit entry to the territory for everyone, except for employees, without special permission.

  • Establish entry temperature control and refer employees with fever to the health centre.

  • Introduce a mandatory glove-and-mask regime.

  • Issue masks of different colours in production (to control the change of masks every 3 hours), conduct video monitoring and develop a system of penalties for non-compliance with safety rules.

  • Revise the work schedule and reduce each work shift in production by an hour – to disinfect the premises.

  • Divide the office staff in each department into two non-overlapping shifts: for example, some work remotely, some in the office.

  • Set a time to disinfect the kitchen, wardrobe, and other places of possible gathering of people.

  • All meetings should be transferred to the online format.

  • Extend the working day of the first-aid post.

  • Conduct a team survey to find out if any of the employees could become contacts of the first and second levels. If necessary, send them on sick leave.

As a result, you will decrease the number of employees of the company who might be diagnosed with COVID-19. It is extremely important if you can’t stop your business and many people rely on you.

You should also have a permanent medical centre with a full-time physician and nurse. In addition, annual medical examinations are carried out for all employees of the company, which allows you to continuously monitor their health status.

What Risks Can Arise When Making Deals?

Entrepreneurs should carefully assess the risks when making deals during a pandemic. The law stipulates that a force majeure situation that may affect the fulfilment of obligations will be the basis for changing the deal. But only if the parties did not foresee the onset of emergency situations or consequences.

The deal, concluded in today’s conditions, practically excludes the possibility of the parties referring to these circumstances, because the parties are already aware of the epidemiological situation and must assume the economic risks caused by the epidemic.

How to Reduce Losses During Coronavirus Infection?

To optimize the potential losses caused by the current epidemiological situation, entrepreneurs should take all measures to negotiate with workers. These negotiations may concern a change in working hours or a payment system shift to piecework one.


When negotiating with the employee, the employer should be aware that changing working conditions is possible only by mutual agreement of the parties to the employment contract while coercion, including under the threat of dismissal or other sanctions, should not take place.

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