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Ways to Successfully Earn a Handsome Amount as a Freelance Writer

Since the coronavirus has begun, the ratio of unemployment has increased tremendously and people are losing their jobs. Due to the rising rate of unemployed people, every individual is finding new ways of earning and is hustling day and night to get hired by any organization.

During these crucial times of the global pandemic of COVID-19, remote working, and work from home has become a new pattern of work life. This has given a rise to the concept of freelancing and now it is being widely appreciated. The pandemic of coronavirus has accelerated the demand of freelancers and this field has also seen terrific growth.

Let’s have a quick review of freelancers.

These workers are those who are not dedicated to the particular company and they are known as self-employed.

The option of freelancing is now being widely chosen by the people who are already doing a job. In this way, they are earning a little more.

There are several platforms where freelancers are getting massive opportunities to showcase their skills and earn way better than others. These platforms include; Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn, Behance, Fiverr, etc.

Focusing on the writing skills, if you love to write and want to become a professional writer then join the community of freelancers and start earning a handsome amount of money and get paid for what you write!

Following are the top 9 ways that you can implement even if you are a beginner. These pathways would help you to earn a handsome amount of money successfully with your writing skill.

Start a blog:

Every writer needs to have a blog. Showcasing your skills is very important and you cannot move ahead without it, so the creation of a blog must be your first step. It will improve the quality of your work and you will be recognizing yourself and your audience. Once you create a blog, you can work over it to build your style.

Pitch a guest post:

Pitching the idea of guest posts is highly recommended to earn extra money. If you love to read some bloggers on the daily basis then pitching them for the guest post is surely a great idea. On social platforms, people are searching for freelance writers who can write guest posts for them and you can go apply for this opportunity.

Pick a profitable and popular niche:

Research writing is an evergreen option to go with. If you are a beginner at freelancing then go with the profitable niche that could bring you maximum clients and research writing is the one! Assignment writing services in uk is an example and you can take the ideas from their blogs about current and trending niches.

Go for self-publishing:

If you want to write a book, want to compose poetry or if travel blogs attract you, then gear up yourself. Compile your own book and you can get this published with Amazon Kindle’s direct publishing service. Picking up the option of self-publishing is the first step towards a great writing future and you can add it to your blog as well.

Enter in a writing contest:

Apply as a participant in the writing contest. When it comes to writing, there is no discrimination on the basis of junior and senior. Once you have made it to the writing contest, your writing skills will automatically develop and you will gradually come to the path of professional writing. However, before applying, make sure to do some research and you would be eligible for the reward. 

Write for fan fiction:

Are you a crazy fan of comics and television shows? Then this is the time to get paid for what you think as Amazon would be paying you for taking fanfiction up. An individual has to write around 10,000 words and would be getting paid 35% on the sales of his fictional character. No experience is required and you can write whatever you feel comfortable with.

Employment pitching:

Once you have created the blog and portfolio, start pitching for the employment. Your first order of freelancing will increase your motivation and you would be able to apply at several places with your keenly prepared portfolio and reviews.

Have a social media appearance:

Grow your social media appearance at the same time while creating blog. The more you are online, the more are the chances of having the clients. Be socially active on the social media platforms and let your client tell you his requirements.

Improved quality:

Keep working on the quality of your work. Also, make sure that the learning process and work is up to the mark with amazing quality. This will help you to shine brighter and you would be able to produce high-quality work gradually with time.


The aforementioned 9 ways would help you to earn a handsome amount of money as a freelancer and your name would become trustworthy among the clients. Just make sure that you maintain your quality to the maximum level and keep working hard! 

Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.
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