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We Ain’t Dead Yet – Kodi Addons Which Are Still Going Strong

Over the year 2018, if the internet is surrounded by one buzz that was louder than that of Net Neutrality, it was Kodi. Kodi has changed the way people used to think about media streaming. Kodi provided a single platform to manage all your media needs, either it is to store your traveling photos or wedding picture, or watching movies or watching your favorite TV shows, or listening to music or live radio, or enjoy your favorite sports events, you can do everything by using a single platform.

Kodi is an open-source media streaming platform which has a dedicated community. To use Kodi on any particular device, all you need is a repository which has built-in add-ons. You can easily customize the repositories by installing new add-ons for channels, video games, movie streaming sites, music, images, and more. There are official Kodi boxes which are available in the market which has already-installed repositories and add-ons. All a user need is to buy the Kodi box and attached it to the device. Kodi can be used on various devices including Amazon products like Amazon firestick, or other devices such as, PS3 or PS4, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Android devices, iPhone, and iPad.

Why Kodi Is Illegal?

Kodi is not generating any profits for big corporations, nor it is benefitting any governmental department, and this is why it is unacceptable for government agencies, telecommunication cartels and giant entertainment corporations like Hollywood to let people stream their favorite media content online via Kodi. It is also a fact that Kodi has illegal add-ons which are offering access to pirated content, but there are genuine add-ons as well.

Despite all the vicious actions taken by legal authorities, Canadian telecom cartel and Hollywood, Kodi is still here today. Threatening the developers to shut down add-on or repository, banning wholesalers to sale Kodi boxes and legalizing the ban on using Kodi at the state level are some of the worst attempts to create hazards for Kodi community.

Unfortunately, in 2017 there have been a whole lot of Kodi repositories shut down, and more add-ons have stopped working. This is very annoying at times for a regular Kodi user to start searching for a new alternative for their favorite add-on.


‘We Ain’t Going Nowhere’

Shutting down repo and add-ons didn’t make any negative impact or reduce the popularity of Kodi among the media streaming netizens. If one add-on is removed from Kodi community, two new alternatives take its place.

As per the statistics shared by following are the numbers of unique installs that ping their server on daily basis.

Total Unique Users for the Past Month - 11,920,592

Total Unique Users for the Past 24 Hours - 2,302,798

With ever-changing dynamics of Kodi community, new and not-working add-ons, it is tough to keep track of best Kodi add-ons that are still working. Just imagine, after spending minutes and hours in setting up a Kodi repository or installing a Kodi add-on, you realized the repo is not available anymore at the last step or the add-on is not working, how frustrating will that be for you?

Here we are presenting you the 35 Kodi add-ons that are still working and growing stronger day-by-day. These add-ons are best to provide complete entertainment package for the entire family.

35 Best Kodi Add-ons That Are Still Working And Getting Stronger

Following are the 35 best Kodi add-ons working and growing stronger with newest updates.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies

Offical Movie Add-ons

  •         Crackle Add-on (Location: eracknaphobia Addon Repo)
  •         FilmRise (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         BigStar Movies & TV (Locations: MetalChris Addon Repository)
  •         Snagfilms (Locations: Kodi Addon Repository)

Third Party Movie Add-ons

  •         SALTS (Stream all the sources)
  •         Supermacy
  •         Elysium
  •         Bennu
  •         Genesis Reborn
  •         Gurzil
  •         Bob Unleashed
  •         The Pyramid
  •         Poseidon

Best Kodi Add-ons For TV Shows

Offical TV Shows Add-ons

  •         USTV Now (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         iPlayer WWW (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         NewsON (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         MeTV (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         ITV (Location: noobsandnerds Addon Repository)

Third Party TV Shows Add-ons

  •         UK Turk Playlists
  •         cCloud TV
  •         Picasso
  •         Quantum
  •         SkyNet
  •         Falcon Ultra TV

Best Kodi Add-ons For Sports

Offical Sports Add-ons

  •         MLB.TV (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         NHL TV (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         NBA League Pass (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         NFL Game Pass (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)
  •         NBC Sports Live Extra (Location: Kodi Addon Repository)

Third Party TV Sports Add-ons

  •         Sports Devil
  •         Rising Tides
  •         Planet MMA
  •         Pro Sports
  •         Motor Replays
  •         Falcon Sports

With its great features and scope, Kodi has been under the radar of law enforcement agencies due to excessive piracy issues through unofficial addons. The only way to stop mass scale crackdown is to use a speedy VPN that will spoof your identity online.

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