Wealthy dating site versus Sugar Daddy site


Online dating provides a niche where the rich may seek companionship. There are both wealthy dating sites and Sugar Daddy dating sites. What differentiates one from the other is the elitism of wealthy dating that excludes the beautiful who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Dating site closes the gap between the rich and the middle-class beauties, providing an opportunity for those who merit comfort and success.

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The main difference between Sugar Daddy sites and dating sites for the wealthy is the body of subscribers. Wealthy dating sites are reserved for only the moneyed elite. On the other hand, Sugar Daddy sites cater to everyone: both the wealthy elite and those who are seeking benefactors. The inclusivity of a site dictates the feel of the overall online platform. Where only rich people mingle, there is an innate sense of competition amongst people exchanging messages. It is a snooty venue where everyone’s resume is so impressive that they are all too good for one another. On the contrary, Sugar Daddy dating is all-inclusive, creating a membership that maintains a sense of humility among a diversity of users. It is a welcoming social experience that attracts people who are interested in becoming invested in one another.

Because they bar regular people from using their services, wealthy dating sites can charge exorbitant fees. They claim that this is how they keep their elite customers honest and happy, but its elitist and classist nature seems to suggest price gouging. It also seems to say that its users are desperate in their willingness to pay outlandish sums. Sugar Daddy sites, however, keep scams at bay and clients satisfied by charging affordable fees.

Wealthy dating sites differ from Sugar Daddy sites also in the attitude of their clientele. Beyond just the air of elitism on dating sites for rich people is the mentality of society people. At a certain tax bracket, social circles become very insular and everyone has a connection. This is not only stifling but also dangerous for a wealthy individual because gossip runs rampant among society people. If a man or woman were to conduct an extramarital affair using a wealthy dating site, they could be easily ratted out. But, by reading the snapsext review, the moneyed elite can get a breath of fresh air: the people they seek are neither familiar to them nor are they as likely to take for granted the opportunity to date a wealthy benefactor.


Finally, dating sites for the rich require only that its subscribers have money. Sugar Daddy dating, on the other hand, is very clearly for people who either have money or looks – or both. So, when drama-filled relationships of those in high-society fall apart, Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies who have a fortune, youth and beauty will still be smiling from their happy vantage point.