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Web 3.0 projects to watch out for in 2023

Web 3.0 is a projection of the next generation of the Internet, which will take data management to a perfect level. The project will provide all Internet users with new opportunities. It is evolving thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. This article compiles the best project cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2023.

Theta - crypto for video streaming

Theta is a program that allows you to create a platform on which you can betray video. It connects a global computer network and enjoys free bandwidth. The company was founded by Mitch Liu and Gee Long in 2017. The first ICO was able to raise $20 million.

The Theta system can successfully replicate videos in excellent quality from anywhere on the planet. Users place their tokens on the platform and are rewarded for them. The platform also has its own wallet, which is a cryptocurrency custodian. Theta has a high transaction throughput. Transaction fees are quite low here.


  1. Theta makes video stream delivery more efficient.
  2. User data is controlled by individual users.
  3. There is no need to sign a user agreement to transmit the information.
  4. Secure storage of personal data.


  1. Few advanced technologies.
  2. Possible limitation of scalability.

Hector Network

Hector Network is an autonomous blockchain ecosystem that consists of a service token and a stable coin token. Some of the main peers include: Uni, CRV, Comp, Yfi, Sushi, Snx, Uma and Yfii. These crypto-assets, which are similar to hec usdt can open up new opportunities for investors. Hector DAO price is currently $3.14, but at its peak the coin was worth over $300. Perhaps in the future it will return to its high position.


Zcash is a cryptocurrency that contains two types of addresses: a transparent address that is available to all users and a shielded address with more private use. Zcash can be received using both addresses, and it can also be sent to another user's transparent address. This cryptocurrency has opensource code that provides privacy and transparent transactions.


Polkadot is a cryptocurrency that integrates a global computer network on which not only blockchain platforms can be created, but also blockchains can be managed. It is similar to the world's most popular blockchains, but company itself claims that this cryptocurrency solves many more problems. Which are related to the DeFi industry. Basically, the cryptocurrency solves problems related to security, functionality and capacity.


Kadena is a blockchain that combines a consensus mechanism and directed cyclic graph principles. The blockchain provides maximum Bitcoin security and has good bandwidth. This network can be used by both the enterprise and the entrepreneur.  The multi-chain approach creates a convenient mass deployment capability. Kadena supports global financial systems, which makes it more convenient to use.

Each of these cryptocurrencies is unique in its own way. The user can choose their option based on all the advantages and disadvantages as well as the general characteristics of each campaign.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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