Web.com Reviews Looks at the Best Sounds for Alarm Clocks



The alarm clock has been plaguing us since the dawn of its invention. While some of use prefer a sweet melody to wake us up in the morning, you may prefer a car crash or a church bell. There are many people looking for natural sleep aids. That’s why Web.com has agreed to put together a list of the best alarm clock sounds. Not all of them might appeal to you but consider that this is generated on general principles and has been kept as diverse as possible. That said, let's begin.

The Alarms

1. The Ambient Alarm - Unlike the popular notion of waking up to the blaring sound of a machine gun, ambient sounds work in a different way. They tend to condition the human mind to respond in a certain way. For instance, instead of beeping noises, ambient sound consists of soothing effects like rain, waves, and other white noises that can be used for sleeping.

You can set timers to shut the noises off in the morning, causing you to wake up from hourlong slumber. It’s a bit unorthodox, but the results speak for themselves and people have found this to be helpful.

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2. Light Alarm Clock - This one is unique since it also emits light to tingle your visual receptors as well. The huge light panel at the surface changes hue as the day goes on. It's like having a miniature sun in your room. If you sleep in a dark room, with curtains closed, then this clock will surely come in handy. The bright reddish-orange hue will facilitate you to wake up early in the morning. It also has a built-in FM radio for those of you willing to catch the morning broadcast.

3. The Mixer - We know that some of you like to sleep while listening to custom made ambient music as the natural ones lose their appeal after a while. You want something new and in comes the mixer. These alarm clocks come with a ton of preloaded ambient music and open slots to store custom made ones.

Suppose you want to revisit the time you spent on a seaside resort. The rain and the waves make an impressive duo, with a tinge of cricket clicks every now and then. The mixer lets you mimic any ambient setting as long as it has a preloaded sound for your preferred setting.

4. The Hypnotizer - These alarm clocks are like ambient music but slightly different. Instead of nature sounds, they have preloaded Zen music with corresponding light patterns. I call this hypnotizer because if you concentrate hard enough, you lose yourself in a world of peace and harmony, only to wake up to equally gratifying music that will leave you energetic pumped up for the rest of the day.


Alarms clocks are a matter of preference. Though most of you tend to stick to old school beepers, trying out something new might reward you with a completely new and refreshing experience. A big thanks to Web.com for clarifying the different types of alarm clock sounds. We hope that someday you finally get to meet with the alarm clock of your dreams.