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The responsive and functioning level of your website guarantees the success rate of your business.

The world has digitally improved, meaning most brands/businesses have an online presence, making the competition broad. It is not just about having a website; to stand out and be above your competitors, you need to have a highly functional and unique website.

You can quickly lose customers if your website is not user-friendly; your website reflects your brand; therefore, it should be up to your business's standard. Users get turned off by a low performing website; having a great website design has a significant impact on your website’s conversions and brand credibility.

Below, we will be listing/outlining essential web design agency practices for your brand, websites that can boost your brand and take your business to the next level.


● Establish your brand identity

Your brand's image must be consistent to enable you to have an established identity for your brand. Try not to confuse your users/customers; stick to a particular pattern like website color, font style, and image style. This is a crucial part of having a website for your brand; it allows you to make your brand unique and easily identified.

● Study your targeted audience

Before creating a website for your brand, run research, or survey on your targeted audience. Don’t just rush into having a website, know who your targeted audience is, understand their interest, what they want from your site, and how you can meet up with their needs, what you need to get them attracted to your website, and many more. A website that doesn’t make provisions for its targeted audience is bound to fail.

● Create effective page layouts

Like your brand identity, your page layout must be consistent and easily understood. Not all users are patient, create layouts that can pass information quickly, and make your users comfortable. A good page layout guarantees your site's continuous usage by a user; when a site can be easily accessed, the user becomes interested and comfortable. A poor page layout will make a user lose interest and exit the site quickly.

● Create easily accessed and effective CTAs

Calls to action buttons on websites are very important and necessary. The main reason for creating a website is to sell and market your products or services and pass out useful information about your business to your users/customersEffective CTAs should be placed in strategic areas of a website. They are called CTA buttons for a reason; they guide and direct users to the next step. Without these buttons, your website's essence is useless, as users will not be able to get across to you.

● Create easy navigation and fast loading website

Users mostly visit websites when they are in immediate need of information or services; the faster the website's response, the more chances of retaining a user. Accessing a slow and complicated website can be annoying and frustrating and requires patients, which is unacceptable. Nothing turns a customer off faster than a slow loading website. Navigations on a website shouldn’t be complicated, they should be made easy for users else they will be trying out the next available website. To maintain and attract more users, create a simple but highly functional and responsive website.

● Create a search engine optimized website (SEO)

To generate leads and make your website rank high on the search engine result page, you need SEO. A website needs to add the different SEO tags and elements, including XML schemas and sitemaps, when involving SEO plans in their search engine. A website with a high-rank placement on search engines is likely to attract trusting users to your site. A website is not complete without being search engine optimized.

● Create a cross-browser compatible and user-friendly website

When designing a website for your brand, make sure it can be accessed through any browser. Users have different preferences, they may either want to access your website through Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser, or any browser. Your website should be able to function on any device, whether mobile, desktop, or any other device, for a user-friendly experience. These functions guarantee the uniqueness of your website

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● Create compressed images

Images are vital for websites; they not only attract your targeted audience, but they also pass information quickly. Users who do not have the patience to read through the content on the site to know what your brand is about can quickly get the needed information through the images on the site. As much as images are essential, you have to be careful with them cause they can make your site load slowly. To avoid being in such a situation, you need to compress all your image file sizes.

● Email marketing

Email marketing has been in existence for a while, but it remains the best and most advised method of passing useful information to potential and current customers. A very obvious/visible email signup icon should be placed on your website to give users easy access to your mail.

● Social media

Social media seems to be the most active trend globally and the fastest way to spread information and promote a brand. When designing a website, add an icon that would link to your social media account. Some users find it easier to access a brand through its social media account. If you do not have a social media account, you should get one now and join the trend.

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