Web Designing Updates Expected Affects In Site's Ranking.

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Site ranking is an important point of making any business, with an official website, successful. Are you a business owner and have your own official website to showcase your services and products? Well, that is a great start for any business. However, it does not stop here and there are many more things that should be taken care of for the success of your business. The most important of all is SEO.

SEO is the optimization done on the site to make it rank on the top or at least in the first few positions on the first page of search engine. Are you already doing SEO for your website? That is wise. Is the website still stuck in one position? In that case, you need to analyze the situation from different aspects of SEO and identify where the problem lies in the first place. One important factor for SEO is website design and development.

Web Designing And Development Updates: Making Or Breaking Point Of Site Ranking

You must constantly update your site according to the requirements of Google and other search engines to increase and improve the ranking. Imagine finally securing the first position on the search engine results page and the user visits your site but immediately leaves it due to bad design and that will be tragic! Following are some of the points of web designing and development which affect SEO.

Too many pop-ups!

Adding lots of pop-ups on your website used to be a smart decision in the older times only. If done now, the visitors will immediately get annoyed and leave the website. Do not add too many pop-ups on the websites because it is annoying for the visitors and they don’t enjoy being on your site. If you want to add useful pop-ups, add them in the end and not right after the website is opened. It creates a negative impact and you definitely do not want that. It also means that you should first build trust with your audience and then show them pop-ups when they have already explored your site a bit.

Unreadable And Illegible text!

Small text on the website is old-fashioned now. You must not choose a font which is too hard to read or confuses the readers. Make sure that the font size, colour, style everything is easily readable and does not cause difficulty for the readers. People are looking for solutions to their queries on the internet and if they end up on a website where the text is too hard to understand, then what is the point? Therefore, you must always make sure that the text is easy to read on the site.


Opening The website Means Loud Sounds!

One of the biggest turn-off points regarding any website is that by opening it you cause uninvited noise pollution. It means that there are large video clips added on the site and they play automatically in a loud sound. It could be the biggest mistake you could make on your website. The visitor will look out to go back instantly to shut the sound off without attracting the people in the room. It will obviously increase the bounce rate of your website. If you want to add videos on your website, make sure they don’t play automatically or at least are mute when played automatically.

Large Image Size Overshadowing The Text!

According to the best web designing services agencies across the world, adding images on the website that are too large and hide the text available affect the site ranking. Users are looking for solutions and answers and that is why they search for questions, if they end up on your website as a result, it means that they need information to solve the problem. If then the important text gets overshadowed by large images and videos, the users will go away and the bounce rate of the site will increase.

Incompatible On Different Devices!

Website design and development should be done considering different types and sizes of devices available in the world. There are different sizes and software for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. You must ensure that your website is compatible with all of them and works fine regardless of the type of device. Users explore and use websites on different devices, most of the times on tablets and phones, and therefore you must make sure that your official brand website is working on every device.

Inappropriate Design And Colors!

There are many colours in the world and each of them has a separate concept attached to it n different parts of the world. You must ensure that the colours used on your website are appropriate according to the targeted audience. Furthermore, use the colours considering the nature of your brand. Users notice colours a lot and they must not hurt their sentiments and emotions at all, otherwise, they would be convinced forever to never consider your product or service.

Irrelevant And Useless Content!

Content is the core point of success for any website. The quality of the content on the website must be high and relevant according to the product or service you are offering or otherwise, the users would not be attracted to the site. Put up attractive and informative product descriptions, easy to understand page descriptions, and a simple guide to place the order on the official site. Similarly, make sure that you regularly post informative blogs on the site that are relevant to the product or service you are offering so users get to have information.

Web Designing and development of a website is an important part of the site’s presence on the search engine. Web designing could be majorly affected for a site if done in poor quality, that too negatively and therefore, you must make sure that everything in the design and development is of top-notch quality and most importantly, according to the requirements of Google Ad Words. Consider the discussed above points and help your business to grow faster and better by appearing on the top rank of Google.