Web Developer Salaries in Dubai 2019, 2020 and 2021


When we talk about website development Dubai jobs, it is common for us to ask ourselves about the salary of a web developers in Dubai . Therefore, we understand that before jumping into the world of programming and web development, you probably want to know what the usual salary is for these types of jobs today. In this article we are going to analyze the factors that influence the web developer's salary so that you get a general idea of ​​the current situation of the website development sector in Dubai labor market in 2019, 2020 and 2021 

How Much Does a Website Developer Earn in Dubai?

The salary of a website developer varies depending on factors such as the level of experience, the type of website development Dubai (IT security, data analysis, systems administration, web development, etc.) or the location of the company, to name the most featured. Let’s look into each of these critical factors in more detail.

Level of Experience

Undoubtedly, the level of experience and seniority has a decisive weight in the salary of a website developer. The salary difference between a junior and a senior position is considerable. For people who are starting their professional career and have less than 1 year of experience, the average salary of a website developer is 3500 - 5500 dirhams gross per month, while that of a website developer with more than 10 years of seniority and in the same position, the salary is around 40,000 dirhams.


The Web Design Agency UAE sector goes hand in hand with the advancement of technology, so that it is a professional branch in constant evolution. Therefore, it is essential to continuously train to adapt to market demands . With a higher level training you can increase your salary or apply for positions that require specialization.

Technology Company Location

According to data from statistical studies, the location in which your company operates has a great impact on the difference in the average salary of a website developer. 

The emirates in which salaries are registered with the highest average are Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ​​with amounts that exceed 40,000 Dirhams per month. In addition, these emirates are also the ones that generate the most demand for professional web developers, thus becoming the reference places to get a good web developer salary in Dubai.

IT Sector

Currently, there is a strong trend towards research and innovation projects, web development and mobile application development, so that these sectors have a high demand from developers . But according to statistics, programmers specialized in Business Intelligence and Big Data are the ones who hold the first positions in remuneration.

The Salary of a Developers in the year 2021

Collecting data pertaining to the year 2021 shows that the situation has not changed too much. The salary of a developers with less experience in 2021 ranges between 6,000 and 12,000 dirhams, with the average being around 8,000 dirhams per month.

The profile of a web developer in 2021 with an experience of approximately 10 years amounts to about 45,000 - 65,000 dirhams depending, as we mentioned before, on the company for which they work and its geographical location.

Whether your profile is closer to junior or senior, it is important to know that this sector is constantly advancing and software and web developers are the basis for that progress to take place. This is why, despite the current world situation related to the coronavirus, it continues to be one of the sectors with the lowest unemployment of all.

As you can see, become involved professional web developers, as well as the satisfaction of working in a very dynamic sector, enjoy a well-paid job. The digital transformation we are experiencing guarantees the creation of new projects in the coming years, so the demand for eCommerce website development Dubai will continue to grow. This has only just begun, do you dare to be part of the change?