Monday, December 4, 2023
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Web Spamming on the Exit with Google Penguin Update

Presently, SEO is one of the fastest evolving commercial domains. There was a time when it was only synonymous to building backlinks for websites in bulk quantity. However, those days are gone and at present, SEO is all about maintaining the overall quality of a website. Thus, professionals who are engaged with this vocation have to look after page layout, ensuring ceaseless user experience, minimize the page loading time and shoulder an array of other responsibilities.  To put it in short, these professionals are trusted to maintain  a high-quality site, both in terms of functionality and content. In order to accomplish their task, they have to make optimum use of the cutting-edge technology and also need to keep themselves in-tune with the Google algorithm updates.

Eradicating spamming

As such, the Penguin update has affected a significant number of business websites across the UK. According to experts working at reputed SEO agency in London, through this particular update, the search engine is targeting the portals that come under the category of webspam. Thus, portals that are over optimized, use black-hat approaches or unethical means to generate backlinks or indulge into keyword stuffing are facing the music with the launching of this Google algorithm update.

If your website has been adversely affected by the Penguin update, here are some possible reasons for it.

  • Over optimization of anchor text
  • Poor quality of backlinks
  • Links coming from other niches that are irrelevant to your own
  • Using duplicate content
  • Excessive stuffing of keywords
  • Affiliate websites having thin content that are of no value
  • Site containing hidden texts and hidden links
  • Over optimized SEO tactics

In order to steer clear of any unwanted complexity, any reputed SEO agency will stay away from these practices.

Tips to recover

Recovering from Penguin penalty is certainly difficult, but not impossible. Here are some effective tips to achieve this objective.

  • Increase the distribution of anchor text – The majority of micro-niche sites that got hit by the Penguin update were affected because of this factor. Instead of using proper keywords within anchor text, it is better to work on increasing the diversity of the links.
  • Initiate link-building campaigns to generate quality backlinks – The rule of the game is pretty simple. Poor quality links are no more relevant to help with improved SERP ranking. With rolling out of the Penguin update, any reputed SEO agency in the UK will tell you how the sites having considerable number of high-quality links blended with spammy links are getting penalized. So, instead of focusing on quantity, it is now time to concentrate on building quality links, if you want your website to gain higher online prominnece.
  • Issue of keyword stuffing – The days of keyword stuffing are history now. Maintaining a maximum keyword density of 1.5% and taregting long-tail keywords prove to be effective on the SEO percept at present.

The commercial domain of SEO in the UK seems to have well adopted itself under the changed circumstance. It seems, these professionals have struck the right balance between Google guidelines and practical needs of businesses.

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