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Why A Website Is Important For eCommerce Business?

We have stepped into a digital era where most of the customers are expecting every business to be online. Starting from buying rice to a refrigerator, the customers want to get every product or service at their fingertips. This is the world we are living in, and if any business wants to grow both in terms of popularity and revenue, and then they got to have an impactful presence online. A website is indeed a stepping stone to a successful online presence.

In very simple words, the website gives a face to your firm. It empowers you to showcase your business, products, services, etc. in a very clear manner. Also, with the help of a website you get a chance to interact with your audience and present them a view to your business.

A website is important for any size of a firm, be it a small enterprise or a big MNC. The small businesses have realized the importance of a website; therefore, more than 64% of the small businesses around the globe now have a website.

Here’re some of the top reasons that prove the importance of a website for a business:

•  Online Marketing is the key to success

This is the digital era we are talking about. Therefore, needless to say, your company has to have impactful online marketing strategies to get more clients and more business. In order to do any online marketing activity, you would need a website. Therefore, irrespective of your field of work, aim to build a powerful, engaging, and intuitive Magento Web Development Services India for your business to kick start your online marketing activities.

To interact with the world

Businesses have to stay in touch with their customers to not only retain their existing customers but to also amplify their customer base. A website lets you present yourself and your services to the world. It helps you to connect with visitors. As per some of the reports, more than 50% of the website visitors are interested in the ‘About Us’ section of the website. This implies that visitors are keen to know more about the firm.

•  Gauge customer behavior

One of the other major advantages of building a website for the business is that helps you to generate and capture important visitor information. Website analytics reports empower the company to get a deeper understanding of their customers. This is a great benefit that helps the business to study the target audience and also make necessary strategic plans, based on the more impactful reports.

Now, that we know how important a website is for a business, listed below are some important tips to keep in mind while developing one:

As per the analytics and surveys,

  • 95% of the people said that a positive user experience compels them to visit a website
  • 47% of people said that a website should ideally just take about two seconds to load
  • 80% of internet users have a Smartphone, so your website should be mobile-friendly
  • 96% of the mobile traffic is steered by Google; make sure your website is well optimized

With all said and done, a business surely needs a website to grow. Therefore, if you haven’t got one for your business, then you shouldn’t ignore its importance anymore.

Now, that you have got a website for your firm, the next step is to avoid exits on the website. After all, only the websites with maximum traffic, and the traffic that stays for long sees the pages, reads what’s important and finally gets to what they actually want is only useful. Also, for this, the first thing that you require is high traffic.

So, if you are not able to get high traffic on the website, and also the readability on the website is not on the higher side, then, here are a few things to consider and improve:

Reevaluate the look and feel of the website

One of the most important factors to consider is the design and feel of the website. Make sure that the user experience is up to the mark. The user should not find any difficulty in navigating the website. Also, it should have the right CTAs. But, most important is to make sure that the website is appealing enough, and at the same time, can convey the right message.

Messaging should be perfect

Content matters the most! Make sure your website contains in-depth content, but at the same time, the content is presented appealingly. It shouldn’t be boring; else, the users would not like to read further. Also, the content should be apt for the users; after all, you have designed the website for the user.

Harness the power of long-tail keywords and pillar pages

Break your strategies in equal time-frames, like a month. Then, choose 10-15 strongest short-tail keywords that are apt for your business. Every keyword would be called a "pillar," and will serve as the main support for a bigger “cluster" of long-tail keywords. Using the short-tail keywords, identify the most useful long-tail keywords and curate subtopics.

Develop impactful pillar pages using the keyword and subtopics. Pillar page should cover your chosen topics and the keywords. Pillar pages should contain everything, high-quality content, images, proper use of keywords, etc.

Blogging can spruce up your rankings

Websites with active blogs get 97% more links to the site (Source: State of Inbound). Blogs from the core of your SEO strategy as each blog post is a new web page. This implies that every blog page gives you another opportunity to rank higher in the search engines. Effective and regular blogging is a great way to get more traffic to the site. You may consider optimizing and improving your old blogs as well, as it can amplify the organic traffic by more than 100%. To get maximum results, make sure you include a long-tail keyword 3-4 times on one page.

Prioritize Link Building

Attract inbound links to your eCommerce website by sharing the blogs on social media platforms, writing something related to a trending event, etc. Always remember that more website page authority is directly proportional to more impact on the ranking of the page to which it’s linked.

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