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Webtoon Manhwa trend: Why is it so addictive?

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Recently, the trend of manhwa webtoon comics is stirring netizens with young people globally. Short, light-hearted horror stories or Manhwa hentai stories, but equally fascinating, meaning of life is being transmitted through social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ... Manhwa Hentai expresses the reality of life, stories in the office, in the gym ... or expresses the ambitions of money, sex or fierce competition among individuals are revealed truthfully. .

Webtoon Manhwa Hentai is a website comic format that includes both animation and sound designed to increase readers' feelings through each episode of the story. Born in Korea in 2004, it was not until 2014 that the story became more popular when the English version appeared mainly by fan translations. exponentially.

Because the webtoon is network-based, it has become a place where many different media come together to create unique new effects and genres. The term "multimedia, multi-platform" is often used to describe the webtoon production process in Korea and the method to create a fictional world in the story. This section covers two aspects of multimedia creation and cross-platform composition. The first is the feasibility of combining multiple media in comic book creation and publishing it on various platforms. The second is telling stories through many different media and platforms (transmedia storytelling).

Unlike paper comics, webtoon is the foundation for a combination of media, such as background music, to help convey the emotions and emphasize the atmosphere in the story. For example, Horang's webtoon A song of Clouds has a description of the band's members, with background music to help emphasize the plot. Later songs in the webtoon were released as separate albums.

Webtoon is not just a term used by Koreans to refer to the comics created and posted online, it is also a style, a mechanism. Webtoon-style comic is a comic that is optimized in terms of layout, frames, space between frames, colors, space, time, ... to allow reading / viewing on the internet and mobile phones . Webtoon is a composition / distribution / publishing mechanism on the network / mobile platform, open platform for amateur authors to distribute for free, advertising to increase traffic, and active communication between readers and Producer, multimedia creator. Webtoon is a specialty in Korean comic book culture, but it has also spread to other comic book culture in other countries

Making great buzz thanks to English translations, Kim Chi's horror stories have added Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish versions ... and gradually created a webtoon craze. around the world.

Why is it so hot?

As comic book lovers are getting bored with "long-running" titles like Naruto or Onepiece, Korean webtoon stories appear and bring a fresh, more attractive and stimulating breeze. With the main theme being horror, the Korean short stories are feverish because the content is somewhat humorous but "penetrated" for a few days to the mentally weak.

The stories are not too wordy, but they bring a bit of education, some humor and sometimes add a "little" horror, that makes this comic genre is becoming a phenomenon. The proof is a brand new pure Vietnamese fanpage called The Bullshit Comics of a group of young people with the main content being webtoon stories that have reached 100,000 members after only 1 month of operation.

In addition to paying for manhwa webtoon sites such as Toptoon, Lezhin, Webtoon Naver, users can read Free Webtoon Manhwa for free on manhwahentai.me website. There are hundreds of manhwa comics loved by the community here. You will be so pleased with the community and tons of manhwa webtoon that you do not want to take a nap.

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