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Weed Transportation: The Latest In the Delivery Game

In the U.S., plenty of states have hopped on the legal train, legalizing recreational cannabis use. States including Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois,  Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia are fully legal for medical and recreational purposes now.

Not only have laws of smoking changed, but transportation laws have also changed. For example, in California, smoking weed is legal recreationally and for medical use, but transporting weed up to 1oz or 28 grams is also perfectly fine, and cultivating 6 plants in a household is legal.  In other words, marijuana delivery in Los Angeles is totally legal!

Marijuana delivery has completely changed the game for smokers across the board. Whether you’re a person who is not comfortable going into a dispensary, or you’re prescribed medical marijuana and cannot physically get to a dispensary, or you’re just one of those who simply prefer the convenience and discretion that comes with at-home deliveries, marijuana delivery has found its way into neighborhoods across California and is especially thriving in Los Angeles.

Downloading an app, browsing through a selection of cannabis products, and checking out has never been easier. It’s so similar to delivering food from Postmates or Doordash, that the likelihood of you ordering your munchies ahead of time are super high—pun intended. Once your weed arrives, you’re required to show proof of identification and provide a signature before your delivery driver can give you your package.

Now, as a result of COVID-19, weed delivery services in Los Angeles have seen an influx. Why leave your house when you can have your essentials delivered? With the latest technology, it’s only a matter of time before marijuana delivery in Los Angeles can start utilizing drones to bring you your goods. 

For those who are considering getting into marijuana delivery, it’s important to note that not all delivery services are associated with storefronts. There are plenty of dispensaries that take part in delivery services and comply with regulations while understanding the demographics of potential new customers. For newcomers into the marijuana delivery game, especially in Los Angeles, there are some factors that are key before starting your delivery operation.

Now, at a time where California has comprehensive marijuana regulations, cities have also implemented their own rules, which vary widely from one municipality to another. If you’re planning on beginning a delivery service, know the regulations for your city.

In addition to regulations, like how much you can carry at one time or where you’re allowed to deliver to, it’s key to know your market. What was once a market filled with medication deliveries, including medical marijuana, has evolved. While delivery services are still targeted towards those who might have mobility issues or older folks in general, there’s a young and thriving market in the younger generation who value having their items delivered to them in a timely manner and will pay a premium price for it. The amazon prime of weed deliveries in Los Angeles has swept up the younger generation, along with food delivery services and more.

Since the legal cannabis industry is still relatively new, marijuana delivery services might also want to consider coming up with some creative advertising. Considering on a federal level, weed is still not legal across the U.S. as a whole, there’s some difficulty that arises with advertising a product that is a federally controlled substance. Traditional methods that are often used to advertise a product online are not always available to you. When trying to stay relevant in an industry that’s constantly shifting and evolving, it pays to be more inventive and creative with your advertising approach. Whether you’re doing a word of mouth approach or finding key markets that would benefit from marijuana delivery in Los Angeles, find what works for you legally and creatively.

Perhaps the most important note to keep in mind when approaching the weed delivery business is to make sure to collect all the necessary paperwork to apply for a business license. If a marijuana delivery service isn’t affiliated with a storefront dispensary, it’s likely that you need to apply for a retailer non-storefront business license, which requires having some sort of premise, though it will not be available or open to the public.


Being vigilant about cannabis compliance and factoring your target market while following regulations will guarantee a Los Angeles marijuana delivery service to thrive.

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