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Welcome Ultimate Skin Glow with Jiva Turmeric Cream

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Struggling through acne, pimples, acne marks, dullness, blemishes, scars, and spots is a nightmare. Every day we wake up hoping and praying for our acne to vanish but clear up sees no deadlines. In fact, even when the nasty acne leaves your side, there’s a bigger enemy that emerges, and that is the huge acne mark or spot that it leaves behind. Getting rid of an acne scar is a lifelong process. The deeper the scar is inhibited in your epidermis, the longer it takes to say goodbye. Dullness and spots stay by your side like loyal friends; only these are the friends that you don’t want!

But now its time to bid goodbye to all your worries! The enemy for all your acne scars is here, and it’s here to stay and break the love of spots with your face. We have got for you an acne scar banisher - Jiva Turmeric Cream. It works perfectly for all sorts of blemishes and marks and does a great job of fading with efficiently and gradually. Jiva Turmeric Cream is enriched with the age-old, hardworking, skin tone enhancing ingredient - Turmeric. This cream effectively fights against scars, spots, dark circles, blemishes and much more. It works by attacking the bacteria present on the skin and slows down their growth. Then it sloughs off impurities, dirt and dead skin cells present on the epidermis.

The power of Turmeric

The main ingredient in Jiva Turmeric Cream is Turmeric. Turmeric is an ingredient well-known in Ayurveda. Turmeric has been widely used as a skincare ingredient in India since centuries. Many of the earlier scriptures and Vedic books also have a mention of Turmeric as a skin brightening ingredient. Till date, Turmeric is well-known to add beauty, radiance and glow to the skin. This is the reason, Turmeric is incorporated in a number of skincare products, in order to impart a skin brightening and lightening effect.

Benefits of Jiva Turmeric Cream

Brightens skin tone

Jiva Turmeric Cream is enriched with Turmeric that is well-known for imparting radiance and glow to the skin. It helps in diminishing blemishes, dark spots, dark circles, acne marks and treats uneven skin tone. It makes your skin look enhanced and brightened. It also adds a distinct shine and radiance to your skin that makes an impression from miles apart. Turmeric, the main ingredient in the formulation, helps in improving skin texture and provides a supple glow.

Effectively fights dead skin cells and blemishes

Jiva Turmeric Cream works effectively against dead skin cells and promotes faster recovery of acne scars and blemishes. This formula is enriched with Neem and Rosemary. Both these ingredients are well-known for their scar lightening properties and even out skin tone. These ingredients also work effectively in banishing stubborn and nasty scars and marks. Jiva Turmeric Cream also helps in treating uneven pigmentation and dark spots that are more than just the epidermis of the skin. It absorbs layers deep into the skin and starts taking action against these dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Makes skin soft, smooth and supple

Jiva Turmeric Cream fights acne, acne scars, blemishes, dark spots and uneven pigmentation all while keeping your skin moisturized and nourished. It replenishes your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. It also helps in creating a barrier against environmental stressors and makes your skin soft, supple and plump. It absorbs layers deep into your skin to keep it hydrated and nourished all day long.

Treats bacteria and infections

Turmeric is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This dual nature of the ingredient helps in fighting bacteria and infections while keeping your skin soft, smooth and calm. This makes Jiva Turmeric Cream an effective formulation in combating bacteria and different types of skin infections. It helps in fighting the growth of acne-causing bacteria and keeps your skin looking clear and radiant. It also soothes irritated and inflamed skin and imparts a cooling effect.

Why use Jiva Turmeric Cream?

Along with all these benefits, Jiva Turmeric Cream also aids in enhancing the skin complexion. It treats dull and dry skin, imparting ample moisturization to keep your skin nourished all day long! It makes your skin glow. Promoting skin radiance, Jiva Turmeric Cream keeps you feeling fresh and revitalized all day long!

The ingredients used in Jiva Turmeric Cream are completely natural and work well with all skin types and age groups. Jiva Turmeric Cream’s short and effective ingredient list consists of Turmeric that helps in brightening up the skin complexion. Long pepper that keeps your skin bacteria-free. Neem that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and Rosemary that heals scars.

How to use Jiva Turmeric Cream?

  1. Clean the affected area thoroughly and let it air dry
  2. Apply a layer of Jiva Turmeric Cream, covering the entire affected area
  3. Wash your hands before and after application of the cream
  4. Apply the cream as often as required

This cream is for topical application and is advisable for external use only. Use it as per the recommendations and advice of your doctor. Carefully read the directions before use. Thoroughly wash the affected area before use and clean it with a dry towel. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before the application. Wash your hands after application. 

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