What a Business Needs To Keep Employees Happy


If you own a business, you know how important it is to keep your employees happy. The cost of losing employees is just too high – literally and figuratively. When you lose an employee it costs money to hire a new one and then it takes valuable time to train them. Losing employees can also take its toll on other employees’ morale. These are just a few reasons to make sure your employees are satisfied. Here are some things you need to keep your employees happy!

Nice Facilities

No matter what type of business you run, keeping your building comfortable and in good running order should be a priority. It should be clean and everything should function without any problems. For example, if you are located in the LA area, this may mean something as simple as hiring a local janitorial service, calling a water heater company in Sherman Oaks to ensure that customers and staff can wash their hands without freezing water, or calling an electrician to finally check on that outlet that won’t work. As much as possible, you should have natural light instead of fluorescent, and let your employees personalize their space.


Having a “nice facility” can also mean some nice extras for your employees. This could be a deluxe coffee maker installed in the break room so your staff doesn’t have to drive miles away to get their caffeine fix or a water cooler to keep them well hydrated throughout the day.


A little appreciation goes a long way – from an employee’s perspective, it is tough to give your all and work your hardest when you don’t feel like anyone even notices. Make sure to thank your employees for their efforts every day, and make sure the whole company knows when a fellow employee has gone out of their way on a project.

Another great way to motivate staff and show appreciation is around birthdays and holidays. Let the birthday boy (or girl) pick a restaurant for takeout and let everyone put in an order. Around the holidays, plan a party, either within the office or at a restaurant. Everyone likes to be appreciated!


Have you ever worked at a company and were quite surprised to find out, one day, that major changes have been enacted? It is not only frustrating for employees, but it makes them feel like they have no say in their workplace or any stake in the company’s future. Good communication from the company, and encouraging employees to communicate, helps staff feel like they are a part of the business instead of just a cog in the machine.

Good Benefits

This one can be tough, depending on the size of your company, but good benefits are always welcome. If you are just getting started with the search for the best benefits package, consider sending out a survey to ask employees what they want out of their benefits.

Avoid Micromanagement

Having a boss that is constantly hanging over an employee’s shoulder and critiquing everything they do is a sure path to frustration. No one likes to be micromanaged; it is hard to be at your best when you feel like you aren’t being trusted to do a good job. Make sure your employees have all the tools and information they need to do their job, let them know you are always open for questions, and then step back and let them work.

Help Them Get Ahead

Give your employees the opportunity to rise in the company. Create a career path in your organization, even if it means creating a new position, or give them the chance to develop new skills, by letting them work with a mentor, pay for a class that will help them do their job, or let them attend a conference that will help both them and the company.


Happy employees mean employees that can get the job done, which makes for a successful company. Make sure you do what it takes to keep your staff satisfied!