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What all to Pack for Rehab – Your Checklist of Essentials for Rehab

Irrespective of how long you need to stay in a rehabilitation center, you need to prepare well before leaving your home. Remember to pack your bag with all essential items you might need during your stay. It is recommended to search the rehab’s website and check if they have a list of what to bring and also what to avoid bringing.

Your Checklist of Essentials for

Getting Ready for Rehab Check-In:

Going to a rehab could be one of the most life-altering decisions; however, if you are struggling with addiction, then taking this step is a very brave thing to do. This shows that you are mentally and emotionally getting ready for a change, learn new patterns, and amend your life for the better.

All rehabilitation centres  promote an environment that is conducive to healing and feeling better. But having said that, the actual determination to recover and heal comes from the individual. If you or your loved one is going to enter a rehabilitation centre in Delhi soon, then you must make sure that you follow this checklist we have collated for you.

What all the Rehabs Advise You to Bring:

  • Each rehab has different policies and some could be stricter than others. But mostly, they recommend you to get:
  • A list of contact names, their addresses and phone numbers of your family and loved ones, healthcare professionals, etc.
  • A simple alarm clock without a radio.
  • Your existing prescription medication with the information label. Liquid medications should be sealed and new. Also, get a list of your current medications and dosages.
  • Some cash, preferably in $50 to $100 or smaller bills for vending machines, etc.
  • Your credit or debit card and checkbook
  • Your insurance cards
  • Some identification like driver’s license, passport, etc
  • A calling card to make long distance calls
  • A notebook
  • Pictures of your family or loved ones
  • Some reading material like self-help or spiritual books

What Personal Belongings to Bring:

  1. Comfortable tops, shirts or blouses that are suitable as per the season or weather
  2. Comfortable running or exercising shoes, slippers, and other required footwear
  3. Other accessories like belts
  4. Comfortable undergarments
  5. A couple of special occasion dresses or outfits
  6. Personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc

Additional Requirements:

  1. Laundry supplies like detergent
  2. Extra cash for any emergency purchases
  3. Necessary jewelry like wedding ring
  4. Towels and linens

Things to Avoid:

Some items like video games, electronic cigarettes, and game cards are prohibited to avoid any distractions that could occur in your complete recovery. The same is applicable for food and beverages which may be harmless but most of the rehab facilities promote and encourage a caffeine-free and a low-sugar environment.

Other items which usually all rehabs ask you to avoid are sporting equipment, drugs, alcohol, any sharp objects, and cosmetics. You should also check with them about nail clippers, disposable razors, and other such essentials you might want to bring.

We recommend you to check all the good rehabilitation centres in Delhi and their website before you decide on which one to go for.

Shashi Ranjan
Shashi Ranjan
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