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What all you Need to Know while Choosing the Right Caterer in Melbourne

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In any celebration or a party catering plays a huge role in making it a success or a failure therefore it is imperative to use the services of a renowned caterer. If the caterer prepares food which tastes bad then the whole event becomes a flop show whereas a delicious meal can overlook several shortcomings in the party. The food and beverage spread plays a crucial role in making the party happening for the guests. Make sure your caterer prepares and serves food as per your standard and doesn’t cut corners in order to save on production costs.

Melbourne has several catering companies which cater to large, medium and small parties depending upon the client’s requirements. Some of them supply fresh food while others provide packaged food which is several days old in order to meet production deadlines. Fresh food is safer and healthier to eat and tastes better. Make sure the caterer you hire prepares fresh food that’s delivered on the same day of the party. Food sampling and presentation also play a vital role in party preparations therefore it is important to ask the caterer to organize sampling of the food few days in advance. Take your friends along for the sampling session and take their valuable feedback about quality of food and presentation.

Caterers in Melbourne must have HACCP (Hazard, Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification as it is a legal requirement for catering business in Australia. Whenever you are engaging a caterer in Melbourne for a party insist on HACCP certification. To obtain this certification the caterer must adhere to food safety regulations and ensure hygienic environment for preparation of food. While preparing the guest list, check for dietary restrictions and allergies and inform the caterer about them. Tell the caterer in advance if there are certain items on the menu he must avoid.

Some caterers will try to push certain deals or packages based on their own needs but you must stick to your own party requirements and not get carried away with these deals. The caterer should be proactive in asking questions about what you want, details of the guests you plan to invite and your personal experience about the catering services in the past. The first meeting with the caterer is indicative of whether you would be hiring his services for the party or not. A caterer who listens to what you want, is open to adapting to those preferences, and responds to your communications quickly. When you start looking for a caterer in Melbourne to host your party you must have multiple choices and not stick to just one caterer. Organize sampling of food and presentation with at least three caterers and then take a final decision on hiring your preferred caterer.


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