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What Are Auto Transport Companies?

When you need to move your car or another type of vehicle, you must work with auto transport companies. They help customers like you get vehicles shipped to different locations.

What are Auto Transport Companies?

Auto transport companies are companies that provide transportation of cars from one place to another. They are involved in car shipping, which involves moving vehicles from one location to another via specially designed trailers or ships. Auto transport is a service that many people have come to rely upon because it provides for frequent relocation requirements.

For example, suppose someone decides he wants to move out of town. In that case, his only choices are usually renting a truck and driving his car with him on the back of the truck or hiring an auto shipping company that will pick up his vehicle and take it to his destination. Auto shippers can be hired by individuals who want their car moved locally as well as internationally. Auto transport services are typically very fast and easy to use, making this method the choice for people when they need their vehicle moved.

Many companies offer several different types of services, including the option for:

  • Insurance coverage in case damages occurs while the auto is being shipped or stored.
  • Moving trailers so you can drive your car onto them if you want to be pulled along rather than driven on a truck without any protection
  • Drop-off at various locations throughout the country, so you don't even have to travel by your car yourself.

Auto Transport Process

The first step is on you. You’ll need to first get a quote and book your order. You can get an instant price quote and book your order directly online for most companies.

Next, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Things you might need to do beforehand include removing personal items, cleaning your car, ensuring working emergency brakes, and reporting any pre-existing damages or necessary paperwork.

Car Shipping vs. Car Transporting

Car shipping differs from transporting, which refers to moving cars from place to place loading them onto trucks or trains without any intention of selling them. Auto transport companies will typically move vehicles on a more commercial level and for longer distances than someone just trying to move their car from point A to B.

People often use the term "vehicle transport" when they really mean car shipping, which is different.

Different Types of Car Shipping Services

There are several different types of car shipping services available in the industry today. These options include closed carrier service, open carrier service, and enclosed transportation.

Closed Carrier Transport

Closed carrier transport is one of the most common methods used when moving vehicles across different regions or over longer distances because it is less expensive than other options. Cars are transported on a covered trailer that must abide by all federal regulations regarding size, weight, etc.

Open Carrier Shipment

Open carrier shipment is often used for shorter distance moves. As such, it is much less expensive than other options and is best for those situations where the car or truck may be exposed to weather conditions that could damage it or make your pet or animal cargo uncomfortable during transport.

Enclosed Transportation

An enclosed transportation option is excellent for pets and animals which cannot deal with noise and elements of other types of car shipping services. It is also more expensive, but it provides a greater level of comfort for your pet or animal cargo.

Price Comparison Websites

One way to compare prices between different companies to find the best deal available is by using online price comparison websites. This type of service will allow you to input your zip code and your desired drop-off destination, and the website spits out a list of prices provided by nearby auto transport companies serving those areas.

It is vital to research how each company handles its car shipping services. Suppose they make any claims regarding damage rates or anything like this. In that case, it is best to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for more information on customer service, complaint history, etc. If the company does not have a high rating on the BBB, you may want to keep looking until you find one that does.

When you are looking for an auto shipper, take time to research your options carefully so that you can find what works best for your particular needs. Take into account how much it costs, how long the process takes, what types of insurance are available if needed, whether you have to drive or not, and any other special considerations that will affect how convenient it is for you to get your car shipped. If you want to see an example of a website for a reliable transport company, check out the website of Steele's Transportation.

Do some research and find a company that's right for your needs so you can enjoy hassle-free auto transportation.

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Sagar Mandan
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